2017, from a robot’s perspective

Lisa Burton here today. It seems 2017 took some offense to Craig’s last post and his furnace went out. The same one he’s still making payments on. He’s kind of busy right now, so I decided to cover for him.

My job involves being Craig’s personal assistant, and serving as his spokesmodel. This takes me to some awesome places, and I get to wear some fun outfits along the way. I also get to keep the swag from the posters I’m in. You can bet I’m wearing that awesome fur as I put this together. (Craig still hasn’t discovered the bomb hanging from a hoist in the basement.) Anyway, I’m not the writer here so I decided to post a photo collage of the year I had. Hope you enjoy.

There’s also some fun stuff on the calendar for 2018. Hope you guys will stick around.

Lisa Burton


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44 responses to “2017, from a robot’s perspective

  1. Did anyone remember to wish you a Merry Christmas and a better New Year, Lisa? I hope they did, and we both send ours…
    (help Craig to have a better year too XX )

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  2. Bomb hanging from a hoist? Yikes! Someone might want to point that out to him…

    Lisa, you rocked some awesome looks this year. You look stellar in each and every outfit, but I think I’m partial to the faux fur, the gold gown, the umpire, and the Egyptian look (but we might need to credit Craig for that one, as he made an excellent Sphinx.) Milk Monroe was pretty cool, too. Can’t wait to see your fashion choices in 2018!

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  3. Wishing you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  4. Totally random question. You ever look into making a Lisa Burton calendar? Sorry about the furnace.

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  5. Lisa, I hope Craig isn’t having the dreadfully cold weather we are right now. What a horrible time for the furnace to cut out. Hope it all works out soon.

    Loved the look back at your fashion choices. What fun to keep all those outfits!

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  6. Thank you for filling in for Craig, Lisa. I hope his heat comes back on. I’ll bet if he ever gets downstairs he will see that bomb. Nothing like a Fat Boy in the basement to get the blood running. Happy New Year to you, Craig and old what’s her name.

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  7. Lisa has had a busy year and fruitful year. I hope 2018 improves for Craig!

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  8. Lisa, you are quite the fashionista! Hope Craig gets his furnace fixed soon. If the weather is like it is here, he’ll need it.

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  9. Hope 2018 will be a good year for you and Craig.


  10. You would be lost without Lisa. Happy New Year to you all!

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  11. Sorry to hear about the furnace, Craig. I think my favorite Lisa poster is the Marilyn Monroe. Classy!

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  12. Lisa looks fantastic! (Of course!)
    I’m so very sorry to read of your furnace troubles. Oh, so sorry. 😦

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  13. You’re such an incredible assistant, Lisa. Any chance I can steal you away from Craig? Shhh. Keep it between us. Loved looking at all the outfits! I hope Craig’s heater is working now, because it’s freezing even down here in Florida right now. I’m looking forward to all the new stuff in 2018!

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