All things updateish

I worked this week, kind of. I managed Monday and Tuesday, but couldn’t do it on Wednesday. My back is getting better, but there have been setbacks. I worked all day Friday, so there is that. These ten hour shifts get rough in my office chair.

On the blogging front, I managed to send off two shticks for Lisa Burton Radio, so I assume there will be one for next week. I don’t plan on having one the week of Christmas. People are doing better things, and I wouldn’t be helping my guest author out by posting their promo that week. I’ll come up with something else for that slot so it isn’t dead airspace.

I hired my formatter and sent off the manuscript for The Hat. Last night I paid the invoice, and today I looked over the formatted book. I’m sorry to say the only mistakes were my own. I found a missing space, and a typo even after all the beta readers and my own efforts. That’s what always happens though. Even books put out by major publishers have errors. I’ll fix these, but none of it is the formatters fault.

I also decided to include the Lisa Burton promotional posters as back-of-the book material. I did this with Enhanced League and they were well received. There is a link to my Amazon page if folks want to check out my other work.

The good news is I could publish The Hat tonight. I won’t though. 2017 has been a sucky year for me, and I’m not donating this cool story to the 2017 gloom and doom. I’ll release it sometime in early 2018. This means I need to get on the stick and write some blog tour posts. Then when I ask for volunteers I’ll actually have something ready for them.

The Hat is a novella. It can be read in one afternoon. I think it’s a ten on the fun meter, so I’m struggling with the price point. I priced my short story collections at 99¢. I intended to do the same with this book, but now I’m not so sure. My novels are only $2.99, and I’m seriously considering pricing the novellas at $1.99. You get more involved with them than a short story, but not as involved as a novel. It’s like a novel, only fun size. It’s either that, or publish it at $2.99 and jack the price of my novels to $3.99. Honestly, this shouldn’t be that big of a decision. I can’t believe we don’t sell our novels for eight or nine bucks each. I’m open to suggestions here folks.

Tomorrow, I’ll probably assemble and schedule one of the Lisa interviews. Then I need to add some new words to my other novella. This has been slow going, but I have the week between Christmas and New Year off, so I hope to make the electronic ink fly then.


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37 responses to “All things updateish

  1. I think the novella tail should not have anything to do with the book dog. You should price it where you feel you are getting a fair return for the effort ($1000.00 is out of the question) You have a lot of competition in the novella space at $0.99. So I guess my advice would be, go at $0.99.

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  2. Sorry, not sure what to advise for the novella price. Glad to hear you’re getting better! I’m not sure what I’m doing for Christmas week to New Year’s. I may take a break. I need to figure out about next year anyway though most won’t be set till my daughter’s job get’s finalized and I get the hours I’ll be driving her then my son.

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  3. I have to agree with John. I don’t see much success with the $1.99 books unless they’re heavily promoted. Tough call with novellas, but you could always play with it. Amazon lets you adjust if the first price doesn’t work out.

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  4. Looking forward to reading your novella when it comes out!

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  5. I know you are playing catch up, glad to hear the back is on the mend BTW… but the holidays are almost upon us. Time to switch off and chill!

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  6. .99 seems to be the number! Glad you’re feeling better! ♥

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  7. I’m glad there’s some improvement with your back. I hope it continues to improve.

    I’m happy to put something up for you to promote The Hat. If you want the post to go up in the first half of January, I need it by the end of the 2nd, because I’m away for a chunk of the first half of the month, and will have little to no internet access from the 4th to about the 11th, so I need it by the end of the 2nd so that I can set it up on the 3rd. Otherwise I’ll sort it when I’m home, and it will go up in the second half of the month.

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  8. Still wishing you a speedy recovery, although I think the “speedy” part is outdated.

    And you know you’re welcome on my site when The Hat makes its debut. Or any other time.

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  10. Commiserations on the continuing back situation, Craig 😦 I have a similar issue just now only it involves being held hostage in the restroom – for the past 10 days and counting…
    Good decision with The Hat – can’t wait to read it! Start the New Year with a bang! 😀
    Have a happy, restful and rejuvenating Christmas hols! ❤

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  11. That’s exciting that The Hat will be available in early 2018! As far as pricing, I’ve heard that books priced at $1.99 don’t do well for whatever reason. I have two novellas out there and both of them are at .99c. The return is next to nothing so I always look at them as a way of introducing readers to my longer work. It is sad that we price our books so low. I would love to see authors get off the .99c bandwagon, but it’s rough to take that stand when everyone else is doing it.

    Glad you are gradually making a recovery. Take it slow. You want to be able to enjoy the holidays!

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  12. If you price something below $2.99, doesn’t Amazon take a 70% cut instead of a 30% cut? If so, then you’re getting less than 30 cents for a 99 cent book. I don’t know how many copies you expect to sell, but does that price justify the work you put into the novella?

    If you consider your novella to be a loss leader (something sold at a discounted price in order to promote your novels), then that’s a separate issue. There, you’d have to see whether you get a bump in sales of older products after releasing a new one. I’m guessing you have some idea of this, since you’ve already put out some low-priced short story collections. There’s always a chance this one could perform differently, though, if novel/novella readers are a somewhat different group from short story readers.

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    • Right on all counts. The collections are lost leaders. I just really like these characters and would like to see them do well. Maybe they will anyway. I might consider re-using them in future works too, which could be novel length one day.

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  13. Hi Craig! I’m hoping you heal quickly from this point forward. You can price the novella at $1.99 first and promote the heck out of it to spread the word. If it doesn’t work out at that price, then you can lower it to 99¢.

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