It’s a fool’s errand

I tried this morning, I really did. It took me about half an hour to get out of bed. It took me that long and more to pull on pants. I called in, and basically for the rest of the week too. The doctor gave me some better meds, and I decided I’d better write before I start taking them.

I decided to tackle my Pinterest issue this morning. I originally made a few boards that relate to what I write; paranormal, science fiction, and fantasy. Beyond that, Lisa has a board, and my books and reviews have a board. The bulk of everything went onto a board called Loose Collections. I tried to keep it simple.

It turns out some new concepts are showing up in Loose Collections, and should have their own boards. Sounds easy enough, right? I made boards for cars and bikes, pinup girls, tiki stuff, Gypsy Caravans, horse cavalry, pirates, and more.

Re-arranging things was pure effort. One image has to be pinned into the board it belongs in. Then the one in Loose Collections has to be deleted. Seems like they could benefit from a mass select that would let me re-pin or delete as I choose.

Here’s where it get’s crazy. I have some images with a cartoon girl who is a pirate, leaning against a large tiki carving. Where do I pin that one? I also have some awesome custom hearses in the paranormal folder. Should I now move those to the cars and bikes board? Should I make a hearse board too? What about the cartoon girl blowing a hole through a zombie? Is that girl-art or is that paranormal?

This stuff drives me crazy.

I surprised myself with how much creepy gothic furniture and how many fixtures I’ve pinned. I made another board. Now what do I do with the apothecary and witch’s pantry stuff. Is that paranormal, or is it now furnishings?

I also noticed I’ve pinned a lot of guns. Famous ones, engraved ones, some with gold inlay, that kind of thing. I’ll probably make a guns board too.

This stuff makes a great writing reference. Need a decked out Indian motorcycle? I have pins. When I need ideas for the next Lisa project, there are some cartoons and models who can help with poses and settings. How about a nice Gypsy caravan, there is a young board of those. I looked at and pinned a lot of GTOs when coming up with Clovis’ car in The Playground.

Pinterest is a valid tool for a writer. If I catalog things well enough, I can find things when I need them. These could be character ideas, bits and pieces of setting, props, outfits, all kinds of things. I am starting boards for all future fiction projects, and will leave them up beyond publication. I don’t want to cross post things, so there may be a threshold as to how well I can file things away. The pirate girl with tiki could go onto three distinct boards.

These boards can help you too. Dreaming up a science fiction project? Maybe you want to surf through my board for some visuals. You’re more than welcome. Here is the main link for me on Pinterest. If you decide to check it out, let me know if I’m on the right track. Now I need a gun board, and have to figure out what to do with those hearses.

This day is in the books. I’m going to take some controlled substances and retire for the night. Maybe I’ll dream up a crackerjack of a story while I’m zonked.


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34 responses to “It’s a fool’s errand

  1. I hope the new meds help relax you enough to sort your back out…

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  2. Hope the meds help out. I’ve never gone that deep into Pinterest, but maybe a ‘cartoon girl’ folder? That sounds like a common theme in some of those pictures.

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  3. Hope the new meds help, Craig. I’ve never really done much on Pinterest – only have a couple of boards.

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  4. I go in spurts on Pinterest. I’ll pin a lot and organize my boards, and then I’ll let it go for a long time, other than the Story Empire posts I tack there. Probably time to reorganize again. I’ll add that to the list.

    Hoping the meds work quickly for you.

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  5. Your post has reminded me that I haven’t done anything on Pinterest in ages. I do enjoy it, but it does really suck a lot of time. It’s also fun so maybe on some rainy day in the future, I’ll fiddle around with my boards again. I do agree a bulk select would be a great feature. I’m surprised they have’t added that yet.

    I’m late in chiming in on this post, so hopefully the meds have helped!

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  6. I save tons of stuff to Pinterest too and I need to spend an afternoon organizing my boards. You’ve inspired me. Hope you feel better!

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  7. Hope you are getting relief.


  8. I’d love to see your boards of interesting furniture — if you’d care to share the link.
    I hope the good meds are WAY good, Craig. Sorry you’re still so out of order.

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  9. I hope you feel better SOON – but playing on Pinterest isn’t likely to help! At least it would not for me. I usually come away frustrated and limping – having spent several hours attempting to do what used to be done in much less than one. As an early adapter who once was practically hooked and VERY RARELY visits anymore, I promise you it used to be *much* better.

    Like WordPress itself, they’ve “improved” it practically beyond usability — removing the “Move” feature, for example, and making it a nightmare to organize your boards in the first place, then scrambling them as you pin, changing the size and placement of the cover images, cropping them oddly, and more (all of which makes repinning anything from anyone else’s Boards a real headache so attracting a community over there takes more time than it needs to – by FAR – and building a community has slowed to a crawl).

    And good luck contacting Pinterest with your suggestions or problems.

    OBVIOUSLY, nobody in management now that FaceBook has taken it over has ANY idea who uses that platform, how or why – but if you find their promos help promote your blog and your books, go for it (with crossed fingers).

    ONE word of caution: not all the pinning add-ons play nicely with WordPress – so read reviews carefully before you choose one, and bookmark your browser’s add-on manager so you can quickly uninstall if necessary. I learned that some of the strangest WordPress problems went away when I uninstalled the Pinterest button and picked a new one. For a while — it’s a moving target.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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  10. Oh, I’m sorry to read you’re still not feeling your best. Then again, backaches do take a while to resolve. I hope there are some muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory medicine in the new medications your doctor prescribed. That combo is the cure for backache. I hope your back gets better soon, my friend. ❤

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  11. Sorry to hear you are still struggling with your back, Craig. Have you tried physiotherapy? I get a lot of back and neck problems from tension and work and physio really helps me. I need to get back to pintrest but I can’t work out how to link my blog to pintrest – holiday project.

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