Well, it was a weekend

I had company this weekend, so productivity was at a standstill. Mom needed a new car, and Boise is a better area to shop. That’s how it all started. My task was to take her and Dad shopping and help where I could.

Mom doesn’t shop like most people. Her goal was a purple SUV. According to the Internet, GM makes a few in that color. There just aren’t any in Idaho. We cruised the Chevrolet/GM/ whatever dealership, and there was an interesting vehicle. We elected to leave in favor of cruising the Toyota lot. My parents both know how I like Toyotas, and long term followers will remember helping Dad get a Toyota Tundra a couple of years ago. (Note for later: It has nice running boards.)

There were a better selection of Sequoias this time, but they don’t have anything in purple. I really liked a Champaign/gold one they had. The best deal was a loaner car they were selling. It was a red Lexus with 10,000 miles and a pretty good deal going with it.


Back to the GM lot to check out the earlier vehicle. It isn’t purple, the color is called Black Current. About six hours later, we drove it back to my place. It’s a Chevrolet Traverse, and is a pretty nice SUV.

I deal with sales people every day. I was in sales for ten years. I also write articles, and make public presentations. In that world, you have to know your audience. Probably good advice for a fiction author too, but I am my first audience.

It was absurd watching two young salesmen trying to sell my mother a car. One at the Toyota dealership, and one at the GM dealership. I made the mistake of telling the Toyota kid I liked the new orange color on the trucks. He pulled a new orange Tundra around to take us driving around the lot.

Here’s the deal. I’m not the customer here. This truck didn’t have running boards, and I had a hard time getting in it. My 86 year old father was with us, and he uses a cane. He managed to crawl inside, but I still don’t know how. He drove around, including the back lot, and told us about all the different SUV models. Then in desperation, he offered to drive the lot a second time so Mom could find a different color she liked.

The Chevrolet salesman was just as bad. He talked about all the USB ports, the OnStar system, the wifi hotspot, and the magnetic phone charger built in. Mom doesn’t own a smartphone, and doesn’t want one. She certainly doesn’t have one that would use magnetic charging. She doesn’t even like Sirius radio. She doesn’t want a computer console at all, but is willing to accept there aren’t any vehicles without one.

She bought the Traverse despite the salesman’s best efforts. They treated her well because her old SUV had TV monitors in the back of the headrests. Mom sewed covers to hide them, because she heard people break in and steal them. I didn’t even know they were there. They’ve never been used… ever.

Know your audience. Don’t make an 86 year old, with a cane, crawl four feet off the ground into a gigantic pickup. Don’t try to sell an elderly woman on all the high tech features in the car. She didn’t want magnetic phone charging and wifi. She wanted purple. I even pulled the salesman aside and told him this about half-way through his pitch. It was that embarrassing. He was a nice kid, he just needs to learn some things.

The upgrades guy was a pain in the ass. He pushed the ten year extended warranty so hard that Mom wound up buying a six year warranty just to shut him up. I know he makes money on these, and doesn’t care that they probably won’t be driving at all in ten years. Finally when he mentioned how many hundred computerized components the car had, and that they were guaranteed to break down, I told him, “That doesn’t speak well for Chevrolet products if you’re guaranteeing they will break down.” I even suggested we might be better suited with a different manufacturer. That toned him down, but not much.

They got on the road early this morning, and called when they got home. I wasn’t very productive, but it was nice to help them out where I could.

Today, I managed to read one short story. Two smelly bulldogs got baths too. That’s about it around here. Hope you guys were more productive.

Next weekend isn’t looking good either. I have Thanksgiving company coming, and have to bake until the wee hours on Wednesday.


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39 responses to “Well, it was a weekend

  1. Colleen Chesebro

    Good grief! What an adventure! Happy early Thanksgiving. πŸ—πŸ₯•πŸŒ½πŸ₯”πŸ»πŸ₯‚

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  2. A few decades ago I actually told a motorbike salesperson to ‘shut the f**k up and listen to me’ … very loudly. It was a bike shop in a small country town in the middle-of-nowhere in the Australian back-of-beyond … and I was a woman, albeit a butch looking one, but a woman none-the-less.
    The bloke was a skinny rat-tailed tattooed wannabe biker, who finally did shut up and listen. πŸ™‚ … I was also about a foot taller and significantly heaver than him, and I had (still have) a mean poker-face. πŸ™‚

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  3. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving holiday.

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  4. Sorry you had to deal with those types of salespeople. Seems tact isn’t as common as it used to be b

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  5. Car salesmen/women are an interesting breed. They are interesting to watch so long as you are not the one having to interact with them. I loathe buying cars, trucks, or SUVs of any kind. The process is rife with dishonesty.

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  6. I’m glad you were there to help your parents out.

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  7. I hate it when something needs replacing, whether its a car or a pair of shoes. You can never find the same comfortable, reliable model you have loved for years, and that’s just not fair!

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  8. I have the (dis)pleasure of getting a new car soon – luckily it’s going to be a used car and I can do it online… πŸ˜› I’m glad your Mom got something along the lines she wanted in the end. Have a great Thanksgiving HOLIDAY weekend – remember experiencing things to the max is all valid writerly research activity! πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

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  9. There’s that special feeling when you connect to the right salesman (or realtor, or contractor, or whatever) and then there’s the rest of em. Womp womp on this set. So glad you went with them.
    I haven’t seen any purple SUVs in Indy, either.
    I drive a Chevy, three years now, everything’s still great. I don’t like all the digital dash business, but all of it still works. We’re hopeful by next fall we can both get new cars, probably Chevies.

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  10. I went through something similar last year when my husband and I took his mother shopping for a new vehicle. We had a fairly decent experience until it came time to discuss warranties. They really do apply the pressure, but we shut the guy down fairly quickly and MIL still got a good deal. It’s just a shame what you have to go through.

    And speaking of shame–the guy with the pick-up should have his head examined, expecting an older man with a cane to crawl into a truck. Your dad is a trooper!

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  11. I hate car shopping – but I sure do like your mom’s style. Purple is one of my fav colors.

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  12. I’m so sorry about the car struggles. My husband is a master when it comes to those idiots. We’ve purchased close to 50 cars of our own in addition to the cars he buys for his company and the deals he’s made for family members. It’s become a sick game… I almost enjoy watching him drive them crazy instead of the other way around, but I hate the timesuck, so I don’t usually go with him anymore. It’s gotten to the point that he “trains” a salesman in every town we live in and then he only deals with him. Makes it a lot easier. (The last two cars he got for me were purchased over the phone in a few minutes… that’s how well he’s got the salespeople trained.)

    Nothing worse than a miserable afternoon at a car lot. I’m glad you helped your parents, though.

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  13. It’s the holiday season. Productivity all but grinds to a stop. Hilarious story about the salesmen. And, especially from your perspective. πŸ™‚

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  14. Enjoyable! Wow, you have a busy and fun life! My body would break down quickly with your ‘to do’ list! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! β™₯

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