Vacation Reading

Lisa’s origin story gets a little love today. Stop by Planetary Defense Command and check out his vacation reading list.

Planetary Defense Command

On Sunday, I returned from a two-week vacation (My last couple of posts were set up to run automatically while I was away).  I’ll eventually do an off-topic post with vacation pics, but I’m a bit weak thanks to catching a virus or something on the flight home, plus some pre-vacation injuries, so I’m doing something easier than sifting through hundreds of vacation photos.

The only good thing about having many flight hours on your vacation is that you get some reading time.  Here’s what I read:

mammoth dawnMammoth Dawn starts with resurrecting an extinct species, like Jurassic Park, but the mammoths don’t go all stampy.  Instead, some humans go on a rampage because they don’t want any ecosystem changes, even restoring of previous species.  A decade ago I would have said their behavior was unrealistic, but in the last few years, I’ve seen how people can go crazy about…

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  1. Nice review for Lisa’s story!

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