Saturday night

Just got back from Old Chicago. Earned my Halloween tee-shirt, which has a cool pumpkin faced graphic on it. It also means I’ve had a few beers as I write this.

I got Lisa Burton Radio assembled for the week. I have another one to work on for next week, and that’s about it. When I asked for volunteers for some free promo, I got an overwhelming response. I sent  everyone a questionnaire, but some of them never came back. I have no intention of doing followup on them. They have a skin in this game too. LBR gets a lot of reblogs, social media shares, and click throughs on the purchase links. While I have no idea whether  the consumer goes on to purchase the book, I think LBR is a win, and a great promo opportunity.

Because of this, Lisa is about ready for more volunteers. I’m not going to hit this too hard yet, because I want my regulars to get first shot at the opportunity. Becoming one of my regular readers ought to be good for something.

I save emails. I doubt if anyone else has this problem, but I don’t delete some that might require interaction later on. I have a whole string of folks I sent a questionnaire to dating back to late June. If they never responded, I’m going to delete them. This means you may have a promotional opportunity here. The timing is perfect for any Christmas stories you might want to push.

I also assembled the final Macabre Macaroni for 2017. I hope you guys enjoyed these. I like writing them, and they seem pretty popular this year. The final one involves a species called Little Brown Bat. I wrote the story as if that were his name, but it’s actually a species.

Part of my research involved verifying something I already knew. Bats in flight use their tails to scoop the insects into their mouths. This was first discovered in a lab, using strobe lights and still photography. I saw the video years ago, and it’s amazing. I could not find that video, but this one shows one bat using the technique to capture a moth in flight.

Oh yeah, I do research even on my micro-fiction. Hope everyone enjoys the final one this year. It posts on Tuesday.

I still need to write something for Chris Graham in November, and have zero ideas. I may write it about the pet character in fiction. I write a lot of animals, and find they can serve a useful purpose. Maybe I’ll take a stab at a first draft tomorrow. Too much beer tonight, and the World Series is on. Maybe later, my son and I can play video games.


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15 responses to “Saturday night

  1. They’re saying horror was pronounced dead last year, but it made a comeback this year. I’m still waiting on a beta. My reader has been busy this year though and I knew it would take a while with her own books, so I understand. I would think a lot of people would jump at the opportunity for free prom with Lisa though. Enjoy the World Series.

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  2. Good luck on the volunteers for LBR.


  3. Not enough is written about pet characters. They’re so common, but tend to get forgotten in info posts. Looking forward to the last story.

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  4. Life is getting in the way and slowing me down at the moment, so might need to take a deep breath and try something new, just to spite it!

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  5. Congratulations on winning your Halloween shirt.

    I shared this post in hopes you’ll get some people volunteer.

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