Evil Females, a photo essay

I have a routine every morning. It involves dog kibble, coffee and things most folks do. I have coffee while reading through my push feeds, checking blogs, email, and all the rest.

Usually one of the dogs wants poodle time, and that’s fine. I can cuddle up with one while I go through the morning events. I moved on to getting some posts scheduled and forging ahead on Lisa Burton Radio stuff. That’s when Otto showed up and wanted to poodle it.

I let him get up, but Frankie was being crazy. He wanted to cuddle with Dad, and she wanted to eat his face.

BulldogYeah, it’s a bit blurry, but that’s because she was insane. She finally jumped up here too, and that’s a bit crowded.

Otto got squeezed out to the footstool.

BulldogYou can see the distress in his face. He was the one who wanted the poodle time, and Frankie just wedged her butt inside and pushed him out.

Not to be outdone, he decided to crawl up the arm of my chair, and around the back of my neck. This is what is referred to when someone talks about bulldog determination.

BulldogOtto had some major back problems this summer, and he’s feeling great now. I didn’t want him to fall and hurt himself again, so I left. I moved over to the couch.

Both dogs jumped down and jumped up beside me on the couch. Okay fine, right?

No, Frankie kept trying to eat Otto’s face and being crazy. I moved back to my chair. Otto gave up.

BulldogOh, but let’s zoom that image out a bit shall we? Where is Frankie?

BulldogShe’s sound asleep in the favorite poodle spot. Bulldog determination indeed. I should mention that she’s about a third his size too.


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36 responses to “Evil Females, a photo essay

  1. Your puppies are gorgeous! Love the markings. They’re just like babies, aren’t they? 🙂
    My German Shepherd thinks she should be a lap dog, too. She comes over and stares at me until I say, “What’s wrong?” That’s all it takes for her to half-jump, half-flop, her front legs on me and the rest of her draped over the chair to the floor, lol.

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  2. Very cute, Craig. Our two boxers do the same to my wife. It is sometimes very funny especially when one sits on her lap preempting the other one

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  3. I still have no idea how you ever get any work done…

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  4. A woman wants what a woman wants.

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  5. Poor Otto. Sometimes it’s tough having a little sister. 🙂

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  6. My cats do this. I know they don’t weigh near what a bulldog does but sometimes it can be a juggle to get things done.

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  7. Haha! Yep, Our cats do this. The female is notorious for ‘grooming’ the boys right out of their spots. Sometimes The Mister will get mad on their behalf and put something in the warm spot, like shoes or a book, just so she can’t have it. Haha!
    Is very cute, though, still 🙂

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  8. Oh, your puppies are a lot of fun 😀 Hope you managed to get some work done eventually!

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  9. The female of the species is more deadly, etc… Even if they’re smaller and younger! 😀 Poor Otto, but I’m sure he’ll grab some quality time soon! 😉

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  10. We only have the one cat, so he rules.


  11. Hahahahaha. Adorable!!!!

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