Maybe she followed me home…

I’m back home now. My trip to Portland was a working trip, but the evenings were my own. I know I missed some things like blog posts, but I did what I could under the circumstances.

I have no idea why the post about Portland Walking Tours posted twice. Could be dodgy hotel wifi, or maybe a ghost followed me home. I am loath to delete one of them, because both got comments and likes. Don’t want anyone to think I don’t appreciate them.

If I have a ghost, it’s a girl, cause that’s the way I want it.

Tour guide Tyler found one of the posts and commented. That was super cool, and so was the link to the ghostly vortex that appeared in one of the parking lots. This; unfortunately, wasn’t on my tour, but it’s cool. I never got actual confirmation as to whether I could share it, but since the link was provided I’m going to go ahead.

“All credit to tour guide Tyler at Portland Walking tours”

Ghost vortexHonestly, if you get a chance to go one one of these tours, do it. I had a great time.

Today, I had the privilege of the DMV. My driver’s license is about to expire, so I renewed. I’m not going to go into all the fun involved, because we all have to go through it. It’s nice that Idaho offers an eight year renewal cycle if you pay extra. You can bet your paranormal vortex I did.

Old What’s Her Face went to Nevada to visit her brother today. Left to my own devices, I should probably write something. I’m going to work on Lisa Burton Radio projects, and get a few other things scheduled for next week.

I will spend some time reading, and may pull my novella out for the first editing pass. Then again, maybe I’ll spend some quality time with my X-Box. Hope the ghost girl likes video games.


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35 responses to “Maybe she followed me home…

  1. Lucky you on the girl ghost. Al I get is toothless pirates. Maybe it’s the island thing. Have a great weekend.

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  2. An most interesting photograph, Craig. Glad you could relax in the evenings.

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  3. That vortex is awesome! Also very cool that Tyler found your post and commented on it. I’ve got to go check it out.
    As for the DMV, I have to say our process has gotten a lot smoother and much quicker over the last decades. Sometimes–dare I say?–it’s a breeze!

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  4. Wish we had an 8-year option. Although, I’ve never been in a state long enough to use it, so…

    Maybe you can play Pumpkin Ball tonight. I know how the doggies love it.

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  5. Welcome back to you and hello to the ghost. Really freaky ghostly vortex. Does it lead anywhere?

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  6. Not much of a ghost believer, but I have had plenty of dodgy hotel wifi moments! Never been to portland, but a walking tour sounds like fun!

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  7. “If I have a ghost, it’s a girl, cause that’s the way I want it.”—Ha! I love the idea of being able to choose our ghost. Mine will come with chocolate. 😄

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  8. Hope you get some writing in. I’ve been sick a couple days. Also hope the ghost is friendly, lol.

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  9. I’m sure Ghost Girls love video games 😛 I’m sure they like whatever it is the haunted like. Natural order and all.
    I wondered what was up with that post, because I had to comment twice or something. I had to refresh or .. I dunno what happened on my end, but I’m glad it all worked out.
    Enjoy your weekend!

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  10. I’m kinda glad I don’t have a ghost. Well, one that I know of. If I did, I cannot decide if I would a male or female. I DO know that if I had one, I would want them to accompany me to the DMV.

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  11. D.L Finn, Author

    A vortex sounds very cool. You I am going to make every effort to do our local ghost tour next week. I avoid DMV at all costs…

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  12. Sweet pic, Craig! So mad we don’t have any cool tours around here.

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