The convention center boogie

Any of you ever attend a convention. I’m at a working man’s convention in Portland, Oregon for the week. The convention center gig is to place the convention as far as possible from any place to eat or drink. The nearest McDonalds is about six blocks away, and I don’t know the neighborhood at all.

This way, they can jack the prices to an outrageous amount and people are forced to pay it. We aren’t likely to hire a $20 cab so we can buy a reasonable cheap meal. The days of having a Denny’s in the parking lot are long gone.

Check out my receipt for one burger and one beer.

I admit it was a lamb burger and an Oregon brewery. Not quite McDonalds and a Bud. However, it wasn’t a unicorn burger and Dwarven ale either. It also wasn’t that great.

I’ve had offerings from Oregon’s Pelican Brewing before and found them outstanding. This one tasted like it has been around for too long.


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21 responses to “The convention center boogie

  1. Wow. Was it Mary’s lamb and they needed extra money to pay her off?

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  2. Lamb burger. Blech. It would take an awful lot of beer to make that taste good.

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  3. We have this exploitation in South Africa too. Especially at the airport and the hospital. It is disgusting.

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  4. Interesting. Our convention center is CENTERED right in the middle of all the good things. I’m sure you could find overpriced burgers and ale, but that wouldn’t be your only choice at all.

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  5. Sure do take advantage of the lack of nearby restaurants. I have to agree with Victo on the taste.

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  6. When I worked in marketing communications, I used to be responsible for set-up and tear-down of our convention booths (in addition to a bunch of other crap). If you think the offerings are bad when the convention is in full swing, you should see the dreck they peddle when it’s just the set-up and tear-down crews.

    Lamb burger sounds good. Lousy lamb burger for $19 sounds like robbery. Sorry, Craig. Maybe find a convenience store and load up on bread, PB, and beef jerky? An apple or two?

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  7. Lousy food, inflated prices, and no women? That doesn’t sound fun at all.

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  8. That’s insane!!! I’ve seen a lot of jacked up prices at conventions but that borders on criminal. Ugh!

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  9. I remember the Crown Plaza in Kansas City was the same way. High prices low quality. Well, be it known I’m not staying there if I get to Portland. (I’m sure they are quaking in their shoes)

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