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There’s been an awful lot of guesting and hosting going on lately. It’s going to slow down, but not go completely away. I will say that it was all original content, even if you followed me to another site or heard from one of my guests. Quantum Wanderlust seems to be selling well, I’ve never seen it out of the top twenty, but reviews have been hard to come by.

Yesterday was a strange work day. There is an airshow going on at the Boise Airport this weekend. Yesterday the USAF Thunderbirds were practicing outside my office window. I tried to get a photo for one of those “looking out my window” posts. You know the ones where a fox came by or something. Those darned Thunderbirds are fast. We still have leaves on the trees and all I got was quick fly-bys through the gaps. I saw some diamond formations and at one time they were about thirty feet from my window. Really shakes the glass.

I read a short story in Quantum Wanderlust during my lunch hour. That’s the only way I can get through it, one story per day. This one is about a Navy pilot and the added sound effects really enhanced the story.

Today, I dedicated my time to blogging. I assembled and scheduled three posts for next week. In some cases, I had to follow up with someone for a bio or something, but they were all good about sending things to me. I also had to write Lisa’s lead in to this week’s Macabre Macaroni story.

Some reading time found me this morning. Don’t know what I did to earn that, but I made full advantage of it. I enjoy reading, but it’s a rare few hours in my life.

There are still two more posts I have to write, but they won’t post for weeks. Yes, I could have dedicated my hours to those, but I wanted to read. Sometimes want-to plays a role.

2017 has been a strange year. My timing feels off somehow. I just completed a paranormal tale, but it’s in draft form. It’s fermenting before I take my editing passes at it. If I’d been thinking, I would have started sooner, and released it during October. Now I’m asking myself if I should put it away for a whole year and release it next October. I’ll never make it. It’s a fun story, and I can always give it a second push in October 2018.

I’ve been focusing on pushing my other paranormal tales, but the results aren’t what they were in previous years. There are pages being read on my Amazon report, so it isn’t all grim. I don’t mean to sound grim.

As far as October themed tales go, not all is lost. Right now the Major League Baseball playoffs are in full swing. That’s very much an October thing. If you’re looking for something that screams October, without blood and monsters, maybe you’d enjoy The Enhanced League. It’s a steal at 99¢.

In other news, we took the camper and had it winterized this afternoon. It’s kind of a bummer. The hospital screwed up Old What’s Her Face’s schedule, so we don’t get a lot of weekends together. We only got to take it out twice this year. Hopefully, next year will bring a more promising schedule her way.

Next week, I have to make a work trip to Portland. I’ll be able to play in the comments, but may be out of touch for a few hours at a time. If I get a few moments, I’ll try to update from Portland. Might see something cool.

Way out in the future, we scored a pair of tickets to a Pink concert. Yeah, yeah, the show is in Las Vegas and everyone has to say something about the shooting. I can’t cower inside forever. We can use our daughter’s flight benefits and fly for free, which leaves us with lodging and food for a fun long weekend next Spring.


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  1. That’s so awesome about the Thunderbirds. Saw them once when I was a kid, but barely remember anything other than the noise. Seems a lot of people are claiming that 2017 is off for them. Doesn’t feel like I can get ahead this year or the ground keeps shaking beneath my feet, but I’m not really typing with a clear mind here. Hope you have a safe trip to Portland.

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  2. Wow! Congrats on the concert and free tickets to get there! And you are right. We can’t cower inside forever. If we do, THEY win.

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  3. I’m just going to go with 2017 being crappy, has been crappy, will continue to be crappy … and whenever it isn’t, its a bonus.
    On the other hand, Pink for the new year!!! 😀

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  4. I love Pink. I’m sure the concert will be terrific. Have a great week.

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  5. It’s been years since I saw major airshow, but the last one was on our pontoon boat from the water. It was the last airshow our airport booked and it was awesome (though another pontoon boat nearby burnt into cinders…no injuries, just a lot of flames and a lot of water safety boats responding).I spent the day today cleaning, then this evening at a dinner with friends.one week from vacation and a lot of pre-planning to do but I hope get in some blogging/reading/writing time.

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  6. Pink? You didn’t strike me as a Pink type of a guy. How fun is that?!?!??! I imagine Las Vegas is going to be one of the safest places in the world for at least a year or two…

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  7. It’s been THAT sort of year, here in the land of OZ as well. I love Pink! My daughter caught her last concert in Sydney, and raved about it for weeks. We are united in the knowledge that in order for our freedom to be preserved we must face down the fear, and still celebrate our lives.

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  8. Nice to read about what is going on in your life, Craig. I didn’t really understand your comment about the results of paranormal tales not being the same as in previous years. Does that mean that people are less interested in the paranormal around Halloween or are less people interested in reading generally?


  9. I agree…this year has had more than its fair share of duh days, and personally, hope 2018 will be better!

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  10. That must have been awesome getting to watch and listen to the planes like that. Also, it was well timed with the story you were reading. Yes, sometimes wanting to do things does need to come in to it, and sometimes the things you need to do can wait.

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  11. I feel like this has been an odd year as well. I wonder what that’s about and if everyone has them. I felt that way about 2003 too. I hope I can get another 14 years before the next weird one.
    I’m running behind a lot in my WP. When I saw your title in my email, I thought the same, “Remember me, Craig?” lol I used to be much more timely in my reading and writing. Chalking that up to more oddities 😛

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  13. This has been an odd year. I’ll be glad to close it out.

    The air show sounds cool. I imagine it would rattle the glass. I don’t think my younger dog would like that. Still, I’m sure it’s really something to witness.

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  14. I’ve never seen an airshow, but the Thunderbirds flew by our condo at the beach this summer – really cool to see and hear.

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  15. Ali Isaac

    You should go, Craig. Can’t live our lives in fear of terrorists, or they’ve won. I went to the B&B in London just after the attacks there. I was a bit nervous, but it was all grand.

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