Mourning? Not exactly

My Arizona Diamondbacks lost last night. They did so without their frontline staff, but that’s the hand that was dealt after the wildcard game. Gave me a good excuse to polish off a growler of Elysian Nightowl pumpkin beer. One of my favorite ones.

There was a time when I would be upset about something like this, but I just can’t be this year. This isn’t quite a worst to first transformation, but it’s pretty darned close. I remember what they were like last year, and am proud of what they’ve accomplished. I don’t want it to end, but if it does I’m still going to be happy about it.

It was one game. We have more of an ace pitcher tonight and maybe we can leave a mark in this series. It’s best of five, but they really need to win one before the series moves to Phoenix. Arizona can’t win without winning one game in LA. Might as well claim that one tonight.

I spent some minimal time this morning getting one of the interview posts hacked out and mailed off. I also posted a review for a friend. Beyond that, I nailed down some details for a visit Lisa Burton will be making this week, and scheduled Macabre Macaroni. That was it on the productivity front.

We ran our errands today, and I stocked up on four different pints of pumpkin beer. Most of these are from Elysian brewing too and I’ve had them before.

I also fell for a trend today. My daughter told me the hot new thing is coconut oil, and said I need some for my beard. We were at Whole Foods and I picked some up. I’m such a sucker sometimes. Daughters to that to fathers.

I’m checking on the Cubs and Nationals game then I might play a video game for a while. These West Coast games start late so I’ll probably be up all night, you know, unless I drink four big old bombers of beer.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


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26 responses to “Mourning? Not exactly

  1. Hope your team does better. Yay on getting things done! I didn’t accomplish much this weekend but hope to get back in the swing of things in the weeks ahead.

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  2. Well, beer makes everything better. Kind of like bacon. And butter.

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  3. My wife has been pushing coconut oil for years. Not sure if it really makes a difference in terms of cooking though. Sorry about your team, but I guess congrats on the turnaround.

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  4. Coconut oil on your beard? I would be careful around monkeys.

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  5. Good luck to the Diamondbacks. My Rangers didn’t even make it to the playoffs this year. That’s after having the best record in the American League last year only to lose in the first round to the Blue Jays. Maybe next year. 🙂

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  6. I’ve been a D-Back fan. since their beginning… Lived in Phoenix for many years and preparing to return. Get’em going, Goldshmidt!

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    • Me too. We had plans to move to AZ many years ago. I bought the caps and such as soon as they announced the team name. The job opportunity took us to Boise, but I still cheer for them. Somebody has to get them going. Their back’s against the wall now.


  7. I think it is the pumpkin beer that is the problem. Try something more traditional and maybe they will win. 🙂

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  8. I spent yesterday running errands. Today has been all about preparing for a presentation later in the week. I even drafted DH to help me.

    Now it’s about watching football with DH and winding down for the evening,
    He only has a goatee but I might have to tell him about the coconut oil 😉

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  10. I’ve been meaning to try a pumpkin beer this October. Can you recommend the best one? Coconut oil for beards? Wow. I’ll have to tell The Kid. It’s probably unnecessary for Bob as he keeps a fu manchu (my fave). 🙂

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  11. Coconut oil is everything in this house — hair conditioner, rash cream, shave cream, moisturizer, pork chop helper, skillet spray — Seriously, been addicted a couple of years now. 🙂

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