Smells like victory

I fiddled with stuff yesterday and today. I managed to write and send out one more post about Quantum Wanderlust, the free anthology I get the honor of appearing in. If you still haven’t gotten your copy, it’s available for free at this link.

I also wrote up, sent out, and scheduled the coming Lisa Burton Radio post. Beyond that, I responded to some new applicants and got them some materials to get things started.

One more friend has a new book dropping soon, and I got his announcement post assembled and scheduled. I have a review all ready to go for him too, because I was one of the beta readers on this project.

My favorite beta reader has an opening, and I sent her a copy of The Yak Guy Project, along with some general conversation.

Aside from that, I added a bunch of things to my calendar so I can keep up with the guest posts I have coming up for October. I can usually remember, but there are too many coming up for me to trust my memory. Some of the sites are new to me, so I don’t want to drop the ball and fail to show up on someone.

Speaking of which, I have a habit of picking a random day and tweeting out the most recent five Lisa Burton Radio posts every week. I like to deliver a bit of extra support, and while Twitter doesn’t amount to much, it can help the authors. I never promised to do this for anyone, it’s just my extra effort. I went back through the list, and I have several authors who never even bothered to show up. Some of my regulars reblogged, tweeted, facebooked, etc. They never even got a thank you. Today I skipped over those posts in my retweeting. Does that make me a bad host? I kind of feel like it, but why should I put in an extra effort when the author didn’t put in a first effort?

To all of you who use the sharing buttons, or reblog my posts, I appreciate you. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ll be there when you need me. All you have to do is ask. Reference the new book posts that have been appearing on this blog.

Macabre Macaroni will be every Tuesday in October. People seemed to enjoy my Halloween stories, so I’m doing it again this year. I always worry about these, because they don’t go to beta readers, they’re micro-fiction. I guess the comments will let me know what everyone thought. The first one of those is all scheduled and will post this Tuesday. It seems like one of them is always a big hit and I can’t predict which one it will be. I honestly have no idea.

I got a bunch of reading done today, and a bit of video gaming too. I really need to use the calm morning hours for reading, but when everyone starts stirring I can dedicate myself to other things.

My baseball team anchored home field advantage for the MLB wildcard game. This is a one-game playoff to see who moves on. I kind of want to do something with The Enhanced League to celebrate, but have no idea what. I have some free days available, but those are hit and miss. Any ideas here? Win or lose, I’m excited my team made it this far and it’s been a long time. You can bet I’ll be watching the game on Wednesday.


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32 responses to “Smells like victory

  1. Hmm, a contest to see who can take the picture of their best ballpark frank and all its fixins? Lol. Best flash piece on a baseball story? I know I’m reaching, lol. Hope the rest of your weekend’s good! I’ve been writing events on my calendar I keep on my desk now so I know what post has to be visited and when. Maybe that’ll help the guest authors to remember better if they try it. This next month, I have a couple posts on a blog tour launching for some ladies that helped me out when I started writing again in 2009.

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  2. I am looking forward to Macabre Macaroni. For reals. Makes my favorite month of the year all that much more special. 🙂

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  3. I do look forward to Macabre Macaroni 🙂

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  4. Good luck to your team. Have you given away copies of Enhanced League.

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  5. Huzzah for victory! I’ll think about the Enhanced League thing, but all that comes to mind are Crackerjacks.

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  6. Yay – yummy Macabre Macaroni’s back! 😛 Can’t wait for Tuesday now! 😀


  7. We appreciate you, too, Craig.

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  8. I’ll be traveling a lot in October, so maybe I’ll have to binge-read the macabre macaroni on Halloween.

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  9. Macabre Macaroni is always a treat. It sounds to me like you’e in a good spot, with a lot accomplished and much more organized in the wings.

    I’m almost done with my edits and hope that one day in the near future I’ll be able to play with flash fiction on my blog. I miss random creativeness.

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  10. Looking forward to Macabre Macaroni – and I don’t think skipping over those posts was a bad thing.

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  11. Looking forward to Macabre Macaroni. Sounds like you’ve been productive. Good for you!

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