Chipping Away

Mom and Dad had date night, and we got pumpkin hats.

I chipped away at my task list. I have a couple of Lisa interviews ready to go, but I’m holding off on which one to post. I’m waiting for purchase data for a book. I don’t have to decide until tomorrow, so I’ve gone as far as I can.

I successfully ignored The Hat. Stepping away is always better for the editing process.

All of my critique work is finished. I printed everything today and put them in my truck for our meeting Tuesday. I got down to the last few pieces of paper yesterday, printed the submissions out, and then learned my print heads needed cleaning. I had to throw them away and shop for paper. We swung by Fred Meyer after date night and all is well.

We ran a few errands, and even picked up some dog toys. We’re still picking up things like those undermats that keep the rugs from sliding around. After we finished my son and I logged a few hours of Borderlands. My character got a cool new sniper rifle that lights its victims on fire, and she got a new head too. Seriously, I don’t write this stuff. You get heads and bodies from a vending machine as a kind of upgrade.

In a way, it’s too bad the real world doesn’t work this way. I could insert my credit card and grow a foot taller. Then I wouldn’t be overweight.

When we re-upped with Direct TV, we were given a year of the NFL League Pass for free. We watched the game last week, but this week it’s not on. We probably need to call them, but were denied the ability to watch. My internet indicates the Steelers won, so there’s that. I might get to check out some baseball later today.

I say might, because Old What’s Her Face is binge watching The Outlander. While Outlander is on, I retreated to another room and started reading A Desolate Hour. It seems to take me forever to read a book these days, but I’m committed. Great story so far.

I also wrote a couple of future blog posts. When the Muse visits, it’s best to give in to her. Not kidding here, she gets violent.

I still haven’t gotten back to the edits on Yak Guy. Tomorrow is my best chance, but it’s dependent upon whether my daughter decides to talk my ear off.

So I chipped away at the task list. Some projects are complete, some on hold, and others yet to come. Maybe tomorrow will let me scratch them all off.


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32 responses to “Chipping Away

  1. Any progress is better than none at all!

    Go Steelers!

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  2. What? You don’t want to watch Outlander?

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  3. Those hats are precious. Congrats on the progress.

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  4. Sounds like good progress to me. Good idea with the muse. Ignore them too much and they might think you have no need for them.

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  5. Very cute, and I’d say, an accomplishment right there!

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  6. Sounds pretty successful to me. Any progress is good progress when it comes to checking things off your to-do list, after all. Plus you got date night and some gaming time in there too, which is great!

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  7. LOVE the punkin heads! πŸ˜€
    There’s football on my tv all day today, so I read and social media and read s’more. I liked Outlander at first. Even The Mister liked it. But then, we got bored to tears and quit it.
    I want to be taller and to have longer arms. Send me one of those vending machines. Imagine, my new, longer vending machine arms wouldn’t have arthritis!

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  8. D.L Finn, Author

    I see pumpkin hats in my dogs future…lol. That is great!

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  9. It’s a constant and never-ending process. I think of it like the hamster on the wheel. He runs and runs, but never gets where he is going. πŸ™‚ At least, it is like that for me in my crazy chaotic world.

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  10. Love the pumpkin hats! No way would my cat allow that. Glad you’re enjoying The Desolate Hour – loved it.

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  11. Sounds like progress to me. Otto and Frankie look so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!

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