I’m back home

We had a seminar that got us to noon, then we were free to come home. It was cold and rainy when we loaded the car, but the ten inches of predicted snow overnight never happened. We pulled out and one of my compadres asked about lunch. I said, “How about West Yellowstone?”

I wanted to put some miles behind me, and could have happily driven all the way to Boise without stopping except for gas. That isn’t how it works when traveling with a crowd, but West Yellowstone won out. At least I got about 30 miles down.

West Yellowstone is one of my favorite places. If one of my books ever takes off, or we win the lottery, I could happily rent a cabin there for the summer. I’m sure plenty of good stories could be written from there too. I had a buffalo burger, because that’s what one does there. I prefer the buffalo steak, but it was lunchtime.

There was a downside. We were only slightly ahead of the real storm. This was September 15th after we left.

It kind of reminds me of my morel mushroom hunt on June 10th, which looked like this.
A three month summer sounds about right to me but: SPRING AND FALL ARE SUPPOSED TO BOOKEND IT! Not friggin winter.

I want my autumn. It’s my favorite time of the year. I want my leaves and pumpkin beer. I want my cool nights with the window open. I want all the flies to die lonely cold deaths.

Enough of that. It’s time for some weekend goals.

  • I have to stop looking at The Hat and let it ferment for a while.
  • I want to read at least two books before I start writing again. Might as well start this weekend.
  • Print out two submissions and work up critiques for my group.
  • Work on edits for Yak Guy. This is a long process, but I have all day Monday.
  • Date night, Steelers game, Diamondbacks game, craft beer.
  • Keep cranking on Lisa’s interviews.

I won’t make the list too long, because some of these will take more time than simple blog updates. As far as blogs go, I missed reading some of yours. I drove most of the day and part of the night; that’s my excuse. I’ll surf back through, but some are going to get missed.

I have my next Story Empire post scheduled, and had an idea about a follow up post. The pending one is about starting a story. A fair idea came to me while driving, that starting in media res would be a good follow up. It also occurred to me that I can use Cat Ballou as a reference most folks will understand. Might have to find a more recent movie for younger readers. I’ll do a bit of research and see if I can make a post that includes Hanoi Jane fun somehow. Maybe there’s a YouTube video with Stubby Kaye and Nat King Cole.

That’s the update and the plan. I’m home, and it’s time to get started.


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36 responses to “I’m back home

  1. Great that you got ahead of the storm, Craig, well, looks like you sort of did. Those photos sure look like winter to me. I hope you do get the fall, and all the joys that go with it. Keep on scribblin’ my friend….

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  2. Sometimes you don’t always get what you want. I hear early winter is going to be on this year.

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  3. Glad you beat the storm home. Good luck with your weekend goals!

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  4. I’ve had bison burgers, but never steak. Now, I’m curious. In full agreement about the weather and seasons. For some reason, we had Fall for a while and then got a little summer-y here. It’s like Spring and Fall are being gradually phased out. Good luck on all of those goals.

    For some reason, I saw the pumpkin beer and let the Hat ferment and got a blog post idea. I can’t write it though. How is writing a story like brewing beer? (I really apologize if I’m tossing something else on your list, but I thought you’d get a kick out of the idea.)

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  5. Our temp has been hitting the mid 90’s this week. What I wouldn’t give for a little dusting of snow…

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  6. I agree with you about the seasons. This afternoon, here in UK, we had two inches of hailstones and sleet!! I will hate not having some kind of autumn… Glad you made it safely back home…

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  7. It’s warm here today but not so much that I can’t feel that chill of those pics. Not ready for winter but I’d like some relief from the heat.

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  8. SNOW!!!!! 😀

    … Cat Balou and Hanoi Jane – I see what you did there. 🙂

    … The skeeters can die right alongside the flies too.

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    • I actually wrote the post today, can’t post it until my turn in October so it was kind of a waste of time. The Muse was with me, and I’ve learned to trust her. October will come, and I’m already prepared. I agree the skeeters can die too.

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  9. Brr, it’s too soon for winter!

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  10. I’m glad you had a safe trip and arrived home 🙂
    I think it’s good to let the work simmer a bit and then get back to it. Bonus for reading while it simmers.
    I want snow. It’s gone and gotten HOT again after two glorious weeks of 70/50 and wouldn’t you know, I had to get out in it all afternoon. Bleh. You know how I do, Craig.

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  11. D.L Finn, Author

    Nice snow pictures, but I agree with you I enjoy fall.

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  12. Wow! It’s in the nineties here in Texas. We’d love to see a little hint of fall, but not this. 🙂

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  13. It looks too cold for mushroom hunt…

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  14. Snow already? That’s just all kinds of wrong.

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  15. We had about a week of fall. Now it’s back to summer, which is a-okay with me. Though, I do love fall. I’m just not ready for the brutal winter that follows.

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