From my phone

This is the part of date night where I drink beer, and Old What’s Her Face goes shopping in the mall. This only happens at Old Chicago Pizza.

They have a promo going on now where if I drink 12 unique beers I get a cool football sweatshirt. They will only allow me to have four at each visit, so I have to come back twice more. 

This is a great sports bar, but neither the Diamondback, nor Boise State have started yet. Right now I’m watching Irma move toward Florida.

The task list projects went well, and I accomplished about as much as I could. Some blog items still need links that don’t exist yet, but I’m ready. One of the posts I needed to write is getting too long. I’ll look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow. Maybe I can say more with less words. Maybe I’ll split it up into two posts.

Other than that, it was pretty mundane. I got work done, but it wasn’t fun work. Maybe tomorrow I can squeeze some of that in.

It isn’t ideal writing this on my phone. It works though, and it’s what I have right now. 


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24 responses to “From my phone

  1. Enjoy your night! And your beers!

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  2. I like that contest. How do they keep track of your progress?

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  3. Here’s hoping you find a new favorite beer!

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  4. And it keeps you out of trouble while drinking the four beers.

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  5. How many have reached the drinking for free level, I wonder?

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  6. Glad you managed to do well with your task list.

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  7. I hate shopping, so I’d probably be hanging out in the sports bar with you.

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  8. Ali Isaac

    Ugh. Posting from the phone is not easy. Especially after a few beers! 😂

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  9. Talk about dedication. I hope you had a blast!

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