Review – Panama by C.S. Boyack

October is coming, and I have several paranormal titles you might enjoy. Don Massenzio posted this wonderful review of Panama this morning. Drop in and consider following Don. He’s an author too, and a very supportive friend.

Author Don Massenzio

23524386Goodreads Blurb:

Ethan and Coop are sent to the construction zone along the Panama Canal. They have some experience with strange phenomenon, but nothing prepared them for this.

They are faced with civil war, Carlist pretenders to the thrones of France and Spain, an invading Spanish army, and another from Hell itself. They’ll be lucky to survive, let alone take care of anything while they’re down there.

This story is based upon the construction of the canal, Panamanian independence, international cooperation, and a few celebrity cameos. Even the magic takes on an international flavor.

Ghosts and Voodoo are one thing, but they have no idea what waits along the isthmus.

My Review:

Taking historical fiction, paranormal, and steampunk and mixing them together in a book sounds ambitious. It is ambitious, but C.S. Boyack does it well and the result is an engaging page turner. I say this as someone who…

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5 responses to “Review – Panama by C.S. Boyack

  1. Cool! 🙂 … it’s great when you get a good review from someone who says they don’t generally read your genre. 😀

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  2. carmens007

    Congratulations for the lovely review, Craig!
    Panama deserves it.

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