I’m included in another Anthology

I was invited months ago to submit a story to an anthology. I spent a portion of the summer working on it, and we’re nearly ready to publish. Today is the cover reveal for Quantum Wanderlust. All the stories are about time travel in one way or another. Let me know what you think of the cover, and I’ll keep you posted when it actually publishes.


AIW Press is proud to reveal the cover for Quantum Wanderlust.

Spring Forward, Fall Back

That reminds you of changing the clocks, right? When we talk about the passage of time, it’s usually in short bursts—seconds, minutes, hours—. Or slightly longer chunks—weeks, months, years.

What if it was limitless? What if you could go forward or back, in any size segment you wanted? Decades, centuries, eons? Would you go back and change your life? Go forward and see your future?

We are excited to share thirteen short stories crafted by very talented authors that will take you forward and back through time.

If you could travel through time, what would you do?


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40 responses to “I’m included in another Anthology

  1. What a delightful honor, Craig, congratulations. I think the cover is great — appropriate to the topic, and intriguing too.

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  2. Congratulations! 😀 Time travel is always fun.

    Thoughts on the cover:
    I get what the artist was trying to do, but the whole thing looks like a case of trying-too-hard-itis.

    So to break it down.
    The only word that’s instantly readable it ‘quantum’. The font for ‘wanderlust’ looks like it was pulled off a cover of a Regency novel (the kind that has Fabio’s naked chest prominently displayed) and pretty much disappears scaled down to thumbnail size.

    The first half of the subtitle at the bottom disappears into the background.

    The clock isn’t that clear. At first I thought it was the face, and gaping mouth, of something rising out of a turbulent ocean. As a major (visual) focal point it probably needs to be on the right side of the design.

    On the positive side of things – I love the colour palette and how it’s used, both with the fonts and the artwork itself. It looks all chaos-y. I really like the overall concept, and how and (apart from the clockface) where the actual elements are placed.

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  3. If I could travel in time, I’d go back to the 80s and tell myself to ditch the leg warmers, shoulder pads, and big bangs. My old photos would be so much better now if I had.

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  4. Groovy! Congratulations! 🙂

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  5. superwifeandmummy

    Huge congrats. I love time travel, if a piece has that subject matter, I’m reading!
    The cover is good- I completely get what is trying to be represented.
    All the best to you!

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  6. I like the cover, but I get what Widdershins says, it would be less visible in thumbnail, which would be a shame. Looking forward to reading the anthology, though…

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  7. carmens007

    Oh, somehow I mised this post.
    Congratulations, Craig!
    I can hardly wait to read the stories included there. I’ m still haunted by the ending you had in a story in another collection.

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  8. Congratulations, Craig! I love the cover!

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  9. paulandruss

    Congrats Craig!

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  10. Wow. Sounds fascinating. Congratulations!!!

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  11. apboyack@gmail.com

    Good cover. Mom

    Sent from my iPad


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  12. Congratulations, Craig! I really enjoy these collaborations of talent. Cheers! 🙂

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