Sometimes I get lucky

My wife’s new schedule sucks, but it plays into my plans on occasion. I also call my parents every Sunday, but they’re on vacation right now. I started my day, like always. Dogs got fed, social media got surfed, other apps that drive news to me got browsed.

Then I read the last two chapters I wrote on The Hat. I’m at the phase where plants and payoffs have to get installed and not just the loose storyboarding I do. This led to deleting nearly a thousand words. Some of this has to do with the fact that Lizzie’s Mini Cooper doesn’t have a trunk, it has a tailgate. Oops.

The dogs were in sleep mode for some reason. They’re crazy right now, but I’ve learned to strike when the iron is hot. I replaced everything I deleted with better words, then added more. Days like this make me wish I kept a better count, but it looks like I wrote about 5000 new words total. The story is a handful of words under 20K right now.

Lizzie came away from the disaster with a partial victory. Any subsequent attempts won’t go so easily. She had a crisis of faith during the disaster event, and there was a bit of soul searching. We also learned about some new abilities the hat has, and they’re kind of scary.

I need to go back again and make specific parts of the aftermath more personal for Lizzie. It involves little things, but will make some of it more real. My next move will be to go back through and flesh a lot of things out. In fact I may start from the first page and do this. I like to move forward with confidence, and doing these things helps me move forward. It may sound like one step forward and two steps back, but I’m about ten thousand words ahead of where I thought I’d be right now.

Lizzie did a bit of shopping therapy after moving where the bad guys went. In a way, it’s revealing the confidence she will need to get through the next phase. She’s looking like a more legitimate superhero now. She also has a new fatalistic attitude that could be just what’s needed… or actually fatal if things don’t work out.

I engaged in an extensive text thread with my daughter, and fashion consultant. I needed to make sure Lizzie’s new outfit made sense. She read what I had and said it sounds great.

I’m setting myself up for something odd too. This story will require a longer denouement than others I’ve written. After the main story ends, I want about three things to happen to sew up loose ends. I’ve always believed that was a bad thing. I’m worried about it, but maybe I’ll gain clarity by the time I get there. This has to do with it being a buddy story. They each need their bit of something, but they need something together too.

I want to try something fun in this book, but I’ll be damned if I can figure it out. When I do a story break, I center three asterisks (***) and jump the story ahead. Easy peasy right? This time, I would like to do three bass clefs. I can’t find a keystroke to include a bass clef to save my life. I even looked for emoji’s, and can’t find a bass clef. There are some treble clefs, and plenty of musical notes. Why no bass clef? I thought for sure Times New Roman would have one, it has all kinds of symbols.

Do any of you know how to tell a word processor to make a bass clef? Maybe I could use clip art and squeeze down to size.


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31 responses to “Sometimes I get lucky

  1. That sounds really exciting with everything happening. No idea about the bass clef. I know with Word, they have the insert symbol stuff.

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  2. Why a base clef as opposed to the more recognizable treble clef?

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  3. Can’t help you on the base clef.

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  4. I wouldn’t know a clef from a kloof.

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  5. It is strange that you cannot find a base clef, you’d think there would be one somewhere!

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  6. My musical skills aren’t good enough for me to even be able to tell the difference between the different musical symbols, so I can’t help, sorry. Even when I still had sight, I could never get on well with reading music. I’m not too bad with musical things if I’m just using my ears, but as soon as you give me some actual music to read, you’ve lost me. I’m even worse with maps, and will be the first person to admit I couldn’t navigate my way out of a paper bag using a map.

    Anyway, glad you got a good chunk of time to work on your writing project.

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  7. Hi Craig – I have a lot of obscure True and Clear fonts for my graphics work, but you’re right… Bass clefs are hard to find BUT here’s a link for you that seems to have what you’re after 😀
    It’s a free font and I’ve used this site before so no worries with downloading 😉

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  8. Try this site – – says it’s Mac and Windows compatible and has an Open Source version which may help more.
    You need to save the font file to your system’s font folder (for Microsoft it’s the windows/fonts path off your main drive) so it comes up in your usual font selection menu 😉

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  9. Sounds like your story is shaping up nicely. I think Jan’s suggestion for the bass clef is pretty much your only choice. Good Luck.

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  10. We have plenty of bass clefs printed here, so if you need a photo to play with, just let me know. I think it’s a clever idea, too.

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  11. No help with the bass clef – but sure wish I could get 5K words in a day!

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  12. And … I’m reading these posts in reverse. LOL Yes, on the bass clefs.

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