I’m partying, and you win #Freeby

I skipped a day this week as far as blogging goes. I could have trotted out some more word metrics, and talked about all the promo work I did. While those posts have some value, they can get a bit stale too.

I changed the wallpaper up for September. This is a brindle bulldog coat in closeup. This time it’s Frankie, and she’s darker than Otto. Otto shines like a new copper penny in the sun, but it’s hard to get a calm photo of him. I have to catch him sleeping and sneak up or he thinks it’s playtime.

Let’s talk some baseball today. My team, since the year they announced a team, is the Arizona Diamondbacks. Prior to that I followed the Cincinnati Reds. When you live a thousand miles from a Major League team, you go with who’s popular. When I was a kid, the Big Red Machine was pretty darned cool.

Anyway, Arizona had a pretty dismal summer. They started strong, and the National League West held the best teams in baseball at one time. The top three would have all won a division if they hadn’t all been in the same one. Right now, it’s looking like one division winner and both wildcard teams will come from the NL West.

Just recently, Arizona seemed to work their way out of their funk. It hasn’t been pretty, but they’re looking good again. The LA Dodgers are so far ahead of everyone that nobody will top them, but my Diamondbacks just swept LA three in a row. I feel like celebrating.

It may be the last good thing they do all year, but today is their day.


To celebrate, I’m making The Enhanced League free all day tomorrow, September First. Since this is an international world, your timezones and even dates might vary.

I’m not going to do a huge promo over this. I’m posting it here, and it will auto-feed to various social media sites. You can help with the heavy lifting if you like. I have all those sharing buttons at the bottom you can use.

If you want your free copy of The Enhanced League, click right here on September First.

Do you like the new wallpaper? Are you cheering for a baseball team this year? I need a pumpkin beer; found the first one and it’s habanero enhanced.


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41 responses to “I’m partying, and you win #Freeby

  1. Congrats to your team. Very cool promotion too. I was so wrong on the wallpaper. Thought it was a close up of wolverine fur.

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  2. Are you telling me that when you were a kid, Willie Stargell and the Pirates weren’t on your radar? “We Are Family!” Oh, Craig; you’re breaking my heart.

    Happy to share your promo. Hope it goes well!

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  3. One of a kind wallpaper 🙂
    Habanero enhanced pumpkin? I don’t even know if I’m interested or shocked more!
    Also, just for you, Yay Sport Things!

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  4. I was wondering if spicy pumpkin is any good as a beer. I see you liked it so yay. I’m not sure I’d have had the balls to try it, honestly!

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  5. Happy to share, but you know that… the wallpaper is very unusual, but I like it. Taking macro photography to new heights!

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  6. Great reason to have a promotion! Congrats!⚾️

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  7. My eight-year-old grandson LOVES baseball and finally, his parents are letting him play this year. I have a feeling I’ll be attending lots of games. 🙂 I’ll help spread the word about the free day for The Enhanced League.

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  8. This is a great book and you are a talented writer. I’m working my way through another of yours as we speak.

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  9. Colleen Chesebro

    Oh, thanks for the book. I’m a fan so will enjoy I know. Habanero pumpkin beer? Yikes! That’s hot! 😀

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  10. Thank you, Craig! Just downloaded a copy. 🙂 Pumpkin beer? Over to Google I go… Have an awesome weekend!

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  11. carmens007

    Oh, interesting wallpaper. I thought, at first, before reading the post, that it was a kind of carpet made of fur. I was wrong. Pumpkin beer? Never heard of it. I like beer and coffee, both of which I am not allowed right now.
    Have a lovely weekend!

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  12. Traveling over the past couple of days and missed the chance to spread the news!

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