Not my favorite kind of day

I was productive. I freely admit that, but I never worked on things I preferred. This is a slice of real-life for an author. There are things we must do besides writing new fiction. In a fantasy world, other people would do some of this work so we could be creative, but this isn’t a fantasy world.

In the last twenty-four hours, I’ve written my next Story Empire post, worked on more interviews for Lisa’s radio show, worked up critiques for my group. We meet on Wednesday night, so I’m prepared.

I also took a stab at two guest posts I’ve been invited to submit. I have more to do on this front. One of them required me to make a cover collage or two, and I’m not good at those. What I have will serve. I also made a meme type image for the other one.

It may sound like I’m griping, but it would be worse if I didn’t have this stuff to do. This kind of activity tells me the world is actually paying attention.

I intend to watch Game of Thrones tonight, and I might stay up late playing games with my son. Haven’t decided yet.

We’re both off tomorrow. I thought only I was off, and was looking forward to new words of fiction. I still want it to happen. If it doesn’t, I have more work like this I can address. We may decide to do something together, and I’m okay with that too.

I hope all of you had good weekends, and I’m worried about all my Texas friends. Stay safe down there.


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24 responses to “Not my favorite kind of day

  1. Does your son have a cool beard, too?

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  2. Congrats on the progress. How do you make a cover collage? I could really use a new one for the next two releases.

    I’m checking out The Tick, but it wouldn’t make sense for me to start watching GoT now.

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  3. I worry about our Texas friends too. Scary.
    I have the topic for my next SE post planned, and I keep eying up the date, aware it’s looming around the corner. I’m jealous you’ve got yours done already. Sometimes meeting the commitment on all of those “other writings” can bring a major sense of relief.
    Enjoy your day off tomorrow. I’m jealous!

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  4. Well that’s nice — action, distraction — all about that balance 🙂
    About 15 minutes til Game of Thrones!

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  5. Thanks, Craig for the nice wishes. Good luck tomorrow.

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  6. carmens007

    You had a productive day, no matter. It’s great tto keep in good shape and the juices of inspiration flowing.
    What type of games do you and son play?
    Have an efficient week!

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  7. Waiting for GOT too, can’t believe it is the last ever!


  8. Just finished the first season of GoT – waiting on the first disc of season 2. Not patiently.


  9. Well, I’m glad you had a productive day, even if it wasn’t the kind of productive you hoped it would be.

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