Lazy Day

Today was all about playing catchup. The guest toilet is all reinstalled and functional. Some of the furniture is in place, and even the dogs are settling in well. Changes freak Otto out, but Frankie was fine from the first moments.

Last night, we went back to the fair. My brother-in-law and his wife were here, and the attraction was the Trace Adkins concert. This time we left in time to actually eat.

Pizza in a cone, what a great idea. It was fair quality, but with some effort, I have a hunch this could be great. I’m tempted to revisit this when I wake up Tituba this winter to use a sourdough crust. Just have to figure out how to bake it vertically somehow.

I also had an elephant ear. These are similar to what we used to call scones in my family. I skipped the honey and whatnot, because – beard.

My brother-in-law and I had multiple opportunities to sample the various beers on tap. The best one I had was Sam Adams’ Octoberfest.

We also went to see a gigantic pumpkin at seven-hundred and some-odd pounds. Hobbits could live in this thing, I swear. They also had some watermelons that could host quite a party if given the chance.

I always walk through the poultry barn, which also includes bunnies. The sampling wasn’t quite as impressive this year. None of the huge bunnies were there, but a couple of gigantic black roosters were pretty incredible.

The main attraction was this:

We had better seats than last night. If the truth be told, Adkins put on a better show than Joan Jett. She included a lot of music that nobody ever heard before. Adkins only included hit after hit. To give Joan credit, she got rained out and returned after they spent an hour squeegeeing the stage dry. It’s hard for me to admit, but that’s how I’m calling it.

Today, my wife and the in-laws decided to go shopping. Surprisingly, this was more for them than my wife. (When does that ever happen?) Being the lazy bum I am, I decided to stay home.

This allowed me to work the radio interviews forward a bit. I have a bunch of data floating around in cyberspace about these, but nothing lined up for Thursday. I got thirty applicants when I asked for guests. I sent all of them a questionnaire. I tried to send out the initial shticks four at a time, because I just couldn’t do thirty all at once. Some of them went silent when they got the questionnaire. Some went silent after getting the shtick (When I’d already invested some effort in them.) I have more to get to, and some of this situation is of my own creation. There are some who returned the questionnaire, but I haven’t done the next phase. I will, I just couldn’t do them all at once.

Right now, it is what it is. There may, or may not, be a guest post on Thursday. I will probably work up a couple of more tomorrow, but I like them to feel fresh and not like a chore.

I used some of my time to add about 1800 words to The Hat too. Today was all about planting data that would payoff disaster later. At this rate, I should hit the midpoint disaster somewhere around 20K words. If you extend out, that brings this in at about 40K. I think that qualifies as a novella. We’ll see how it all goes. I know I have some white page syndrome going on and can address some of that in edits.

Tomorrow is going to be kind of a bust on new fiction. I have some other things to do, so spare moments are better dedicated to more interviews. I’m off Monday and have high hopes.


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29 responses to “Lazy Day

  1. I always go for the funnel cakes, myself. No beard, though I usually end up wearing plenty of powdered sugar πŸ™‚

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  2. Glad Frankie took everything in her stride, and Otto is settled back down now.

    Sounds like you had fun at the fair again. I can get messy even without touching anything. Hubby and I have a long standing joke where after I have a bath I’ll announce that I’m all clean now, and he’ll immediately say, “Oops… Too late.” But am usually careful about what I have to eat when out so as to reduce the mess. When I’m home it doesn’t matter because getting cleaned up is easy, and in general keeping me completely clean appears to be an impossible task, but I try to minimize how messy I’ll end up if I’m out somewhere.

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  3. A most enjoyable post, Craig. I loved hearing about the conical pizza and the elephant ears. Glad that you are getting so much done.

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  4. Sounds like a great way to spend the weekend!

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  5. I swear your weekends are longer than mine!

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  6. I have baked things upright before (specifically cake in a sugar cone, never a pizza mind you) but if you roll previously baked rolled thin crust and stuff it like a cone (maybe wrapped in parchment paper to give it support) you could bake it on the low rack propped up in old cans. Hmmmmmm. Fascinating puzzle…..

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  7. Sam Adams Oktoberfest is always a good one. Might have to pick some up for myself. Not sure about the pizza in a cone thing. What’s the cone made out of?

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  8. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Craig.

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  9. It looks like you had great seats for Trace Adkins.
    I’ve never heard of pizza in a cone before, and I’ve yet to experience an elephant ear. Still, nothing. beats a fair.
    I managed 3K on the WIP this weekend and am still about 10K behind where I’d feel comfortable with. Your lazy day sounds wonderful!

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  10. Pizza in a cone. Who comes up with this? Looks like you had a great weekend, Craig!


    • The fair is always fun. I enjoy the exhibits, but my wife only tolerates those. I can get away with the pumpkins and the chickens, but that’s about it. We enjoy all the junk food and the free concerts.


  11. lol…..”because. beard.” πŸ™‚

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