Wednesday Update

Today is my rotating day off this week, but I took the next two off. There are big things happening at my house, and I need to be here for that.

My morning started off like most. I get up when the dogs demand it. Today it was somewhere about six A.M. After feeding dogs, making coffee, and the usual routine, I decided to start from zero on my WIP called The Hat. I found a lot of errors, and feel bad for having sent it to my critique group already.

I also made a stupid mistake. I edited my way through, and it stopped at about 3000 words. I’d spent my first hour editing the submission to critique group instead of the manuscript. That was easy enough to address, but I felt stupid.

I had plenty of interruptions, and that’s my excuse. My interruption looked like this:

Frankie isn’t much of a cuddler, but today all she wanted was poodle time. She isn’t all that big, and can wiggle beside me in my chair. The iPad fits on the arm of the chair, and it’s a pretty comfy writing position.

Once the edits were finished, I was also refreshed on the story. I decided to keep on writing. Lizzie learned how double-action revolvers work and took a few practice shots. Their symbiosis grew when she trusted the hat to drive while she slept. It was still her body doing the driving, but her mind got to catch a few hours sleep. Turns out the hat is kind of an aggressive driver though. Lizzie and the hat are starting to mesh really well, but they still bicker.

My story is over 11,500 words now, and I feel like I’m 5000 words ahead of where I expected. Beginnings are always this way for me. I start strong, I finish strong, it’s the middle that bogs me down. This was always intended to be a novella, but if it reaches novel length I won’t panic. I don’t know if these are formal rules, but short stories generally don’t have as much setting as novels. If it looks like I’m approaching 70K at the end, I may beef up my settings to raise the word count. I may also need one more plot twist, but I’m thinking about it even now. I don’t know what might be expected in a novella, but I assume it’s somewhere in the middle.

I got a new piece of Lisa Burton art in the email today. My October micro-fiction will have a nice point of reference for people who like to read those. I think it came out pretty well.

After the writing ended, my daughter, her BFF, my wife, and I moved furniture. We’re finally getting rid of the seventeen year old carpet in the majority of the house. We’re having a fake wood floor installed tomorrow. This is a kind of vinyl plank that is hard to tell from real wood after it’s installed. It wears better than wood, and that’s a good thing for a family of dog lovers. We also tend to pick up road sand on our winter boots and this will hold up better than wood. I’ll get some pictures, but might not post them until Friday. Lisa has a guest tomorrow and we want that post to get all the attention.

We also have company coming for the rest of the week. That will eat into writing time, but I may get lucky on Monday.


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31 responses to “Wednesday Update

  1. I think you will like the flooring. Good on you for your progress.

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  2. Frankie’s expression in that photo is priceless!

    Three days off will be nice, even if you will be distracted with a lot of stuff. We’re in the process of laying floor right now too, the same type. At some point I have to blog about the horrors of a kitchen remodel (which included ripping out the wall between the kitchen and formal dining room). We spent 10 minutes tonight looking through boxes in the living room trying to find a spatula to flip burgers on the outside grill.

    The Hat sounds like fun…completely different. I would expect no less from you!

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    • Funny, we had outside burgers tonight too. Best of luck with your home improvement. I hope The Hat comes out well, I’m having a good time, so that usually is a good sign. Frankie and Otto both have very expressive faces.

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  3. Good luck with the flooring project. I’m with you on the middle part. There’s a lot more ambiguity there for me. Beginnings and endings are a lot more straightforward.

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  4. I hope the flooring installation goes smoothly!

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  5. Ooh! I don’t know how old our carpet is, probably not very, but I can’t wait to get rid of it and have the floors done. I might be nosy with you in a few months, see how you like yours.
    Personally, my favorite flooring in the house is laminate, and what I’ve been told isn’t even good laminate. LOL Like I care. Cleans like a dream and nothing seems to scratch it!
    Poodle time and more words than expected — sounds like a great Wednesday 🙂

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  6. Congratulations on having such a productive day. Hope the flooring installation goes smoothly.

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  7. The new floor sounds like a nightmare, but worth it in the end!

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  8. I always take the line of least resistance with editing the early drafts – it’s more important to ride the tiger of enthusiasm and splurge it all out joyously! 😉
    Doggy-proof flooring is always goood thing! 😀

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    • I like to deal with the bigger stuff right away. I’ll still miss the small things, but things like plants and payoffs need to be considered as I write and sometimes this requires backing up. Excited to have bulldog proof floors.


  9. You’ve got a lot going on. Wishing you the best with all of it. (But seriously, how can you get anything done with those two cuties wanting to play. And it’s almost the right season for pumpkin ball!)

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    • Oh yeah. We’d better keep our eyes open for a new pumpkin ball. I hauled the camper home to give them an air conditioned place to stay while the workmen get free rein. I may tackle those Yak Guy edits while I’m out there.


  10. Frankie’s expression is adorable! Think you’ll be pleased with the new flooring.

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  11. It’s always a good feeling to be ahead of where you thought you’d be. That doesn’t happen often in life. 🙂

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