I don’t have much to report, but today is one of my regular days. We all watched the eclipse at my office. I expected it to get darker, but all the parking lights came on. The cross over on the mountain lit up too. I thought it was interesting when the temperature dropped ten degrees.

I have this ceramic replica of a Neanderthal skull in my office. You can see him in my sidebar letting everyone know mine is an Award Free Blog.

So what does one do with those awesome looking eclipse glasses after the eclipse is all over? I gave them to a friend.


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27 responses to “Aftermath

  1. Perfect use of the glasses. LOL

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  2. HaHa! And I wonder if he would have enjoyed them during the eclipse.

    I’m jealous you had a temperature drop and parking lights come on. We just had a weird kind of diffused sunlight (75-80% coverage) but the show was still spectacular with the eclipse glasses. I had the only pair and shared them with my office. We had a blast taking turns viewing “the event.”

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  3. We had an eclipse watching party in room 203 at the hospital. Our room was the only one on the floor that you could see it from. Handy. 😀

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  4. and very nice he looks in them too…

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  5. Kind of eerie here – temp dropped, wind kicked up, my cat freaked, dogs howling in the neighborhood. Pretty cool.

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  6. Wow. I think you had more of an eclipse experience than I did. It got a little darker, like the sky before a midday storm, and the temperature stayed the same. It was neat to see though. I was lucky that work gave us glasses to use and supplied us with eclipse inspired snacks like star bursts, Capri sun, moon pies, and milky ways. 🙂

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  7. Splendid decorative touch, Craig. 🙂

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  8. You’re so lucky you got to see the eclipse – I was on the other side of the globe. Love the glasses on your skull.

    Kathrin —

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