Small successes

I did some work on the Lisa Burton interviews this afternoon. I should have done more, but it's a step in the right direction.

It's kind of important to note that I have a life outside writing too. This weekend we had our date night, and the other night we watched a movie at home. I also call my parents every Sunday, regardless of what might be going on.

Then, of course, there was Game of Thrones. I want to say more, but it just aired and I don't want to ruin it for anyone.

I got to dedicate some time to my WIP this morning, but I wasn't as successful as yesterday. It still amounted to over 1700 words. Kind of mediocre success, but it's still success. I have several months worth of material for critique group, so I'm going to stop sending them Yak Guy and start them on The Hat.

It may be two weeks before I can write again, but I can live with that. We have some company coming next week, and that will be fun too. We intend to go to the fair and enjoy a couple of the concerts. I'm jazzed about Joan Jett, and everyone else wants to see Trace Adkins. I'm sure Adkins is great, but Joan Jett is a legend.

There is also the bonus of fair food. I know it's bad for me, but fair food rocks.

Back to the office for me tomorrow, but I'm sure I can step outside to look at the eclipse. We were married on a solar eclipse many years ago, so it's almost like an anniversary for us.


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25 responses to “Small successes

  1. Wow! Happy “Anniversary”! Congrats on getting some writing “chunks” done – small steps are still steps in the right direction, even if we wish they could have been bigger steps and more of them.

    Good for you for taking time for a personal life. Bur, um, what is that again?

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  2. Sometimes you do need to do things that have nothing to do with work or writing.

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  3. Good luck with the eclipse today, Craig. Here in the UK, we don’t get to see the whole thing, but just heard it will rain all day, so that, as they say, is that!

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  4. I’d love to see Trace… and thanks for not ruining GoT; haven’t seen it yet!!!!

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  5. Small successes are still successes. The concert sounds like a blast. Joan Jet rocks. Take pics! We’re planning to sneak away to watch the eclipse, too, though in NH we only have 61% coverage. Still cool, though.

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  6. Happy eclipse-versary, Craig. Can’t wait to catch the repeat of GoT tonight now, (is on too late on Sunday for me) – it just tops itself every week atm! 😀
    Deeply envious of your Joan Jett gig too… 😛

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  7. Authors can have lives outside of writing? Well, this changes everything. Very cool about the Joan Jett thing. Definitely a legend.

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  8. How cool that you were married during a solar eclipse!
    I think I’ve gotten the last pair of viewing glasses in my area and am hoping the weather (storms) hold off so I can actually see something.

    Have fun at the fair. There’s just something magical about fair food. Enjoy the concerts too. I’d also be more hyped about Joan Jett. That girl can rock!!

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  9. How cool to have that memory for your wedding. Happy Eclipse-iversary!

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  10. We had date breakfast today 🙂 It is our actual anniversary, and it was cool to get an eclipse as a gift from the universe, but it didn’t do much here. Much like any old cloudy day.
    NOW WHERE’S MY RAIN?!? lol
    Fair food does rock!

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  11. I’m REALLY late to the party, but just now getting through the first season of GOT – totally hooked, as I knew I would be.

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