Procrastinating and falling forward

It wasn't quite the weekend I intended, and then it was. That's kind of cryptic, but here's how it happened.

I needed to keep the Lisa Burton Radio line moving. I'm in the habit of telling folks two weeks out when to expect their radio interview. At one week out, I send a final proof to that week's guest, assemble, and schedule the post. That was my primary goal, because folks are counting on me to get it done. Mission accomplished.

I needed to write my last micro-fiction for October, but put it off all day Saturday. I've learned, when procrastinating on these, that something isn't quite ready yet. That was the case with the last story.

The novella, called The Hat, tried to seduce me all day. I promised myself I wouldn't start it until next weekend, and staved off the craving by writing a blog piece about the Research Sirens. This was only partially fiction. Conversia, one of the sirens, wanted me to interview some folks to get the details right. I have reached out to a medical person and a musical person, and they are willing to help me. In the comments, I also got another offer of musical assistance. It's so cool to know folks who will help out. I'm willing to consult on anything I might know about too if anyone needs it.

I spent a big part of today on email, and Sharknado Five. Yeah- yeah, these films suck, but how bad they suck is part of the appeal.

Old What's Her Face, said she needed a pedicure and asked if I could watch the dogs while she was out.

“Well, of course, Honey. Whatever you want.”

While she was gone, the stars lined up for my last micro-fiction. I wanted some confusion, and I want readers to see it right away in this story. I'm doing it on purpose, and don't want readers to think I'm just an idiot when things happen out of order. Today, I was ready to put it all on paper, and did. This one made me emotional when I wrote it, and I hope that comes across.

These micros will post, one per week, during an October event I call Macabre Macaroni. Tuesday is usually a non-blogging day for me, and works perfectly for this event. This year there are five Tuesdays, so I needed five stories. I have them now.

I've adopted the philosophy that if I'm going to fall – fall forward. That's kind of how it worked, and I'm pretty pleased with my weekend effort.

I have to make a road trip to Moscow, Idaho on Wednesday. I will drive back on Thursday. I'll check in when I can, so make sure to treat Lisa's radio guest well during my drive home. I'll weigh in on the comments as soon as possible.


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33 responses to “Procrastinating and falling forward

  1. Sounds like you fell forward and got a good combat roll in there. 😁

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  2. Sounds like a successful weekend to me. πŸ™‚

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  3. Stories, when they call to you, are hard to ignore. Meanwhile, I am intrigued about The Hat!

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  4. Movin along with good pace, nice! I like The Hat. I’m into it.

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  5. Old What’s Her Face? 😁

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  6. It must feel good to have the Macabre stories all lined up for October. We had a family outing last night but I managed about 1200 words yesterday and just under 3k today. Still not where I wanted to be on word count, but I’m closing in on it.

    I just got around to watching Sharknado 5 too. Clearly there is going to be a 6. I can’t believe the money they must have dumped into this one. All good campy popcorn movie fun.

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    • It feels great. They need some buffing, but I have over a month for the first one, and until the end of October for the last one. That’s a fair word count when you have family events in the mix. Sharknado doesn’t compare with a good Bruce Campbell movie, but it’s pretty darned close.

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  7. Looking forward to some great MM stories this October…

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  8. Haven’t gotten around to Sharknado 5 yet – must get on the schedule.

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  9. Read your baseball novel while on my absence leave. Have never watched the game in my whole life but now it is on my bucket list πŸ™‚ I wonder about all that ‘enhanced’ stuff.. πŸ™‚

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  10. Sounds like a productive weekend. It must feel great to have Macabre Macaroni stories all done. I had book signings this weekend, then went out to eat last night. Today it’s back to the grind. I’m back on deadline, with a novella due the end of the month. Safe travels!

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  11. Ali Isaac

    Wow you amaze me with your productivity! I cant believe you already have Macabre Macaroni sorted.

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