Not bad for a flex day

Like all flex days, this one started off with a task list last night. The day started with my alarm dog at about six o'clock.

Otto and Frankie play together all the time now. A big part of this involves him feeling much better. We took more detailed X-rays about two weeks ago, and had an additional expert look at them. He has several problems, but there was concern about one specific issue. It involves bone tissue that is degenerating and regrowing.

Our vet said the possibilities were bone cancer, and a bone infection. The cancer is almost unheard of with a dog Otto's age, and the infection is also extremely rare. He wanted to try an antibiotic in an abundance of caution, but thinks maybe the X-ray simply showed something that isn't there.

Here's the deal, though. After two days of antibiotic, Otto started feeling better. After a week, I have my boy back. He runs around, plays ball, and is acting like his old self. He still limps on occasion, but two weeks ago he was dragging himself across the floor by his front legs.

How the hell does anything get a bone infection?

They've been absolutely crazy today.

Oh, come on guys, you're making me look bad now. They were playing, I swear.

I wound up doing some maintenance on my part of the Story Empire blog, and finished that. About an hour ago, I found even more to do there, but still consider it a win.

I also explored and joined a new app a friend told me about. Something called Triberr, but don't ask me anything about it just yet.

I finished the edits on a 5500 word short story for an anthology, and delivered the edited version to them.

Edits on the Yak Guy Project are finished. I'm going to put it aside for a while to work on other projects. Quite honestly, I'm thinking about submitting it to a publisher. I haven't submitted anything for years, but maybe the hybrid author is the way to go. Right now, I just need time to think about it all.

I got another five star review today for the Second Experimental Notebook. I need to write a third one of these, and they make a great side project. Not just yet though.

First I need more micro-fiction for October. I intended to write one today, but never got that far. I might rough one out while my ballgame is on.

Ah, here you go. See all happy today.


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41 responses to “Not bad for a flex day

  1. Great news about Otto. Was hoping to hear something good about him this week. πŸ™‚

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  2. That’s good news about your progress on edits, and great news about Otto. I’m sure it’s a huge relief to have your dog back, even if he could possibly have issues on and off throughout his life.

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  3. A bone infection, huh? Weird. Glad I’m not a vet…

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  4. Hey, Otto. πŸ˜€ … nice to see ya smilin’. πŸ˜€

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  5. So glad that Otto is doing better. I have heard of a bone infection before. We have finished Will ‘o the wisp and I will be posting the review on Saturday, 12 August. Lovely story, Craig.

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  6. Wonderful news about Otto… and how Frankie has grown!

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  7. So glad Otto is perking up. My younger dog, Max, developed a hip problem (typical with Labs, but he was young for it). Our vet assured us (the very expensive) stem cell replacement would correct the problem. It didn’t. He’s on two different daily medications now, and he has as-needed pain pills. Many days he looks fine, but some days he won’t even put his leg on the ground and hobbles around, if he moves at all. So believe me when I tell you I know how sad and helpless you feel when you watch Otto suffer.

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  8. Yay!!!! I’m so glad Otto is feeling like his old self again. Made my week!


  9. Great to see Otto’s back on form and all tuckered out for all the right reasons! πŸ˜€

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  10. Aw, I’m glad he’s perked back up! A bone infection sounds rotten. Love the photos πŸ™‚
    I need to come up with something for 13 Stories, so I’m hoping inspiration hits me any moment now.
    I think you might should send Yak Guy out and see what happens πŸ˜€

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  11. Wonderful news about Otto – glad he’s back to his playful self!

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  12. So glad Otto is recovering. I know you were worried and can now breathe a sigh of relief. Love the pictures.

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  13. Seeing that last photo of Otto made my day. He’s such a handsome lad πŸ™‚
    It’s great that the antibiotics made such a marked difference. I hope your vet can ultimately get to the bottom of the issue and he’s able to continue his playtime with you and Frankie.

    Give yourself some time to think things over with the Yak Guy. There’s a lot to be said for being a hybrid author!

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  14. Don Morse

    Otto looks great! Happy he is getting back to his old self!

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  15. carmens007

    Poor Otto! My heart goes with him as we are companions in suffering.
    But the photo at the end of the post shows him in a better state. Good for him and that’s thanks to your efforts.
    He’s fortunate to have good masters.

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  16. Ali Isaac

    Oh poor Otto! Bone cancer and infection, I hope not. My Indi had to have quite major surgery on his knee, and still limps a bit. He also has malformed hips on both sides so will probably have problems in later life. No one will insure him. He’s already 8 years old. 😞 On a good note, you’re doing great with all your writing! There’s no stopping You!

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