I lived most of my life in Northern Nevada, but there is one event I never attended. Right on the Utah line, the month of August means Speed Week.

I always intended to go at least once, but never made it. I used to own a 1956 Cadillac Sedan DeVille, and it isn’t that kind of car event. I took my car to Hot August Nights in Reno more times than I could count. You kind of have to pick one, and thousands of classic cars and hotrods always won out for me.

Speed week is where highly customized cars race across the Bonneville Salt Flats trying to set land speed records, including breaking the sound barrier. I would imagine it’s about 150 degrees right down on the surface of the salt. Reno offered air conditioned casinos with discount cold beer. They also had some awesome concerts.

At Hot August Nights, I got to see the kind of bands you never hear about anymore. I saw Chuck Berry, Little Richard, The Shirelles, Jerry Lee Lewis, Paul Revere and the Raiders, and many more. They were all pretty old, and most of them are dead now, but I saw them live. Revere even owned a nightclub down there called Kicks. He played live in the evenings during the event, and it was a happening place. Some of them were one hit wonders, and the concerts were always an amalgamation. A dozen performers did about three songs each, then the headliner would do the last half of the show.

Speed week is more of a wild party atmosphere, similar to but not as excessive as Burning Man. I think it’s better for a younger crowd. I was young once too, but always found something better to do. I kind of wish I’d gone just once.

August is a tough month to depict, because it doesn’t have a special holiday or anything. There are events all over the country in August; Speed Week, Hot August Nights, Burning Man, Sturgis. I’m sure you can think of others, and if you’re in a different country I’m sure you can. Which one do you want to attend? Is one of these on your bucket list.

I’m leaving my baseball scoreboard in the banner though. It’s still baseball season, and The Enhanced League still needs some readers.



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  1. Never heard of any of those events, but then again, I lead a sheltered life here in Arkansas.

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  2. I would love to go to either. I have always loved care (born in Detroit) and need to go. Thanks for the reminder.

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  3. This makes me think of Bike Week in Florida. Never went there, but it had the party atmosphere from what I heard. Not a big fan of those big crowds and noise, so nothing like that on my list. Went to a few Comic Cons and it felt rather cramped.

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  4. I would’ve liked to have gone to Burning Man way back when it was … maybe not in its infancy, but definitely the teenage years.:)

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  5. We still have classic car shows out here. Races out in Thompson. I went to that once. There was a bad accident and the driver ended up carted off. It was too much for me. I was just eight at the time. I do like the classic shows though. Here, August into Sept. is the time for The Great Geauga County Fair. Actually, August is the time for a LOT of fairs here, lol.

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    • There are car shows all over the Boise area all summer. The one in Reno is absurdly huge, and a major event. I’m trying to talk my wife into letting us go to the Nightfire Nationals about three miles away. That’s drag racing and my favorite kind.

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  6. Um, I am not a Nevada person, not a desert person. I’ve been, but it was not my thing. Now, if you wanna talk about its quiet mountainous regions in the fall and winter, then I’m in 🙂
    The music, well I’ve seen enough musicians to feel satisfied. That concert you mentioned sounds amazing! I might see Tori Amos a few more times, she does small venues. I’ve always wanted to see U2, but I’d have to travel. I’m not into racing, although if I were, I’d be in the right city.
    I’m concerned that you no longer think Speed Week is a doable event for you. Don’t let your age stop you from doin stuff. They’ve got beer there, Craig, I’m sure of it.

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  7. Man, the States have the best attractions. Would love to see the salt flats (with or without speed week on).

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  8. You wouldn’t catch me anywhere near Sturgis! I have friends who are Harley riders and attend many of the big bike events, but that’s one even they won’t go to!

    In my younger days I probably would have liked Burning Man, but it’s a young crowd. These days, my Augusts are spent poolside.

    That DeVille you had must have been amazing!

    There is a huge antique car event that takes place in my area every October. Rooms are booked a year in advance. I think it’s supposed to be one of the largest in the country. A full week of antique car enthusiasts. By the third day, the enormity of the crowd makes my daily commute a challenge. It only grows more so each day until the event finally closes.

    I work in a tourist town (Hershey) and live 3 miles outside of it, so I’m used to crowds, especially in the summer when Hershey Park is open. But that antique auto show is in a league of its own!

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  9. 150 degrees is far too hot for me – even if the cars are hotter and faster. Reno sounds a much better bet! 🙂


  10. We’ve always wanted to go to Sturgis, but haven’t had the chance yet.

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