Entertaining Stories – Unplugged

We got a last minute chance to make it a camping weekend. It happened with very little warning, but it's hard to pass up these opportunities.

I wanted to check out Bull Trout Lake, because I'd heard good things about it from someone else. Like all campgrounds under the Forest Circus, most of the sites are reservation only, with four or five going to first come – first served. We didn't show up fast enough.

That left us scrambling for a place to camp, and we grabbed the first decent spot we found. Turns out it was a very nice site, but too close to the highway for my tastes. The highway only gets light use, and seems to die down about bedtime.

This was my weekend office. I took a book, a manuscript that needs edited, and the idea for a short story along with me. I managed some reading and editing.

This was a wildlife dead zone for some reason. There were no birds, no squirrels, not even the typical morning deer visit. The camp was covered in some kind of sego lily though, and they were pretty.

There was a nice stream just beyond our campsite, and Otto was thrilled. He isn't much of a swimmer, but wading and drinking wild water is a big deal. Go Otto, it's the little things right, buddy.

Frankie wasn't too interested in the stream. She preferred sunrise with Dad while editing and reading.

She's lost that baby face, but doesn't quite look like an adult yet. She had a good time chewing up sticks and chasing her ball, but developed a “hot spot” underneath her harness. It will take a couple of days to dry that out.

We took a drive to Stanley on Saturday. Stanley is traditionally one of the coldest spots in North America. People only notice that in the winter, but it applies in the summer too. Most of the time, it's either Stanley, or Whitefish, Montana. There are times where it's colder in Stanley and Whitefish than in the arctic.

We went to check out Stanley Lake along the way. I've always wanted to camp there, and my wife wrote down the slot numbers for the best spaces. Maybe in February we'll reserve one of the good ones and not chance to luck. That's how far ahead you have to reserve a site.

We went on to Redfish Lake, because we had a great weekend there years ago. It's too damned busy now, and we'll be giving Redfish a pass. Beautiful, yes – soothing, no.

I stopped along the way and grabbed you a random tourist shot of the Sawtooth Mountains. Maybe you'll want to visit one day.

I got a lot of reading done. I made progress on the editing. Short stories just weren't possible.

I decided to watch the stars come out last night, and thought I might see a bat. Woods, plus stream, equals insects – which bats love. Nary a bat in sight. Not even a Black Butte Porter or two helped me focus enough see one. I did get a fun idea for a story I'm going to call Little Brown Bat. It will probably be a bit of micro-fiction and post on my blog.

I missed the whole blog, social media, projects aspect of the weekend, but that's kind of the point. Sometimes a guy just needs to unplug. It would defeat the purpose to try and make up for everything I missed. If you posted something I should see, please let me know. I like to support my fellow authors. Heaven forbid I missed something that pertained to me or one of my books, so drop me a line if that's the case.

Otherwise, I spent the weekend unplugged away from wifi and even cellular service, and I'm not going to work doubly hard to catch up with everything.

Hope all of you had great weekends too.



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47 responses to “Entertaining Stories – Unplugged

  1. Sounds and looks absolutely yummy, Craig. My husband and I are avid hikers and when I see scenery such as you provided, I get to drooling.

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  2. I think I’d be really unnerved by the lack of animal life. That’s horror movie territory right there. Glad you got out before the monsters showed up.

    Sorry about the busy spot. Been there when you find a great place and then every finds it a bit later.

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  3. OK so I’ve told you before I don’t like camping, but geez with scenery like that (of Stanley) I could almost be persuaded. How can those mountains have snow on them in summer? (Used to Australia where summer means everything everywhere browns and dies). Glad you got some ‘unplugged’ time.

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  4. Someday I will get that RV….

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  5. Sounds like fun! That scenery sure would have me thinking on the scary side though, lol.

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  6. Sounds like a restful weekend. No animals. That is strange.

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  7. Sounds like a great weekend, despite not getting one of the better spots to camp in.

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  8. Wow beautiful presentation and sounds like a wonderful weekend. Have a great time.

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  9. D.L Finn, Author

    I love weekends like this where you get to explore and be in nature. Montana is on my list of places to explore. Beautiful pictures!

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  10. my weekend wasn’t a patch on yours, but I did manage to get some work done…

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  11. Beautiful scenery – and Otto looking very handsome.

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  12. Sometimes we need to unplug and NOT make up for it later. Good for you.

    Sorry you were by the road and didn’t see the wildlife you’d hoped for, but I’m glad you got away. It looks like you had a restful time.

    Welcome back!

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  13. It sounds like you had a restful weekend even if it didn’t turn out exactly as planned. Frankie is a cutie and it was fun reading about Otto’s adventures too. Glad you had a chance to unplug.

    I make a habit of doing that almost every weekend 🙂

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  14. Oh wow. The sawtooth mountains are beautiful, as so much of what’s “up there” is 🙂 That’s interesting about Stanley. I’m curious about that, as you know how I love cold spots.
    Love the doggo commentary.
    I’m glad you had an unplugged, restorative weekend. I was only on a coupla hours Saturday and I had a lovely weekend as well.

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  15. Looks like you had a blast. We used to use a hot spot spray. Worked great too. If only I could remember the name of the stuff…

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    • It’s dry but itchy today. Don’t know what it is about those harnesses. Can’t get the good ones in puppy size. Otto’s is two padded straps, and his front legs go between the straps. Works like a charm. He keeps wanting to take care of her though, and I don’t know that licking is helpful.

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      • Yeah. We had the same problem with puppy harnesses. You’re right about Otto. Licking will make it worse. Poor baby girl. It’s not easy being a dog in the summer heat.


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