Guest post by CS Boyack

Trot on over to Planetary Defense Command and let’s talk some science fiction. Which side of the line do you fall on?

Planetary Defense Command

I’ve been crushed at work for the past few weeks, so I haven’t had much time to write original content here, or even to visit other blogs.  My company hired three new people to take over some of my duties, but showing them the ropes increased my workload in the short term.

Fortunately, this guy stepped up to write an article for the PDC:

Craig 25

That’s SFF author CS Boyack, who writes his own blog at Entertaining Stories, and alternates posting with other authors at Story Empire.  Because he just released a new near-future sci-fi collection of short stories (The Enhanced Leauge), I asked him to do a guest post about writing science fiction.

I’m a fan of Boyack’s “Experimental Notebook” short story collections, which I’ve reviewed here and here.  They make great reading around Halloween, and if they were available in paperback I’d tell you…

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  1. Excellent topic over there. I left some comment luv 🙂

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