Guest: Craig S. Boyack

If anyone has been curious about the “Anthems” that are part of The Enhanced League, here is your chance to read one as an excerpt. Stop by Traci’s blog and let me know what you think.

Where Genres Collide

Today, we’re visiting with Craig S. Boyack. He writes fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction, his short stories are a treasure. He’s best known for his robot assistant, Lisa Burton. I’ve enjoyed his blog and his book, Will O’Wisp previously. Please welcome him.

Thanks for having me over today, Traci. I’m here to talk about my newest book, The Enhanced League. This is a collection of short stories and anthems situated in a fictional baseball league. This is the league where anything goes as far as performance enhancing drugs, and it has a lot more flash in the overall presentation.

There are recurring characters in the stories, and they tell an overarching story when read together. I also included something new. I call them anthems, for lack of a better term. These do step outside the main story, but they provide a lot of human element to the book. They’re presented…

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4 responses to “Guest: Craig S. Boyack

  1. And the tour continues! Getting tired yet? 🙂

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  2. I adored the anthems in this piece. Nice post.

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