Host’s intro of Enhanced League and Lisa: Guest Post by Craig Boyack…

Lisa Burton is over at The Storyreading Ape’s treehouse today to talk about The Enhanced League. Stop over and say hi.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

I’m so excited to get invited back, Chris. I love the jungle, and probably ought to get some cool jungle girl outfit eventually. Like the host said, I’m Lisa Burton, the robot girl, and one of my duties as Craig’s spokesmodel is to help promote his books.

This time, the book is called The Enhanced League. It has a tiny bit of science fiction background, but the stories are human ones. Oh yeah, I should mention this is a collection of short stories that serve to tell an overall story.

It’s about a fictional professional baseball league where nobody cares about performance enhancing drugs. The league is big on flash and spectacle and is a bit more like professional wrestling in that regard.

Like in wrestling, there are some pretty flashy women involved. They have their ring girls and managers, The Enhanced League has its umpire corp. These women are…

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7 responses to “Host’s intro of Enhanced League and Lisa: Guest Post by Craig Boyack…

  1. Not sure of the time scale for the tour, Craig?

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  2. Commented over there. 🙂

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  3. High heeled high-tops? Interesting fashion choice…

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