Today’s Efforts

You might guess that I spent a lot of my time today sending out blog tour posts. I have a bunch of them pre-written, but got a few requests for some custom pieces and wrote those too. I still have half a dozen to send out, and a few more to prepare. There are also some long term supporters who I haven’t heard from yet, and I expect them to show up too. These are people with lives, who don’t spend every waking moment behind a keyboard. I expect to custom write a few of these pieces too.

Preparing blog posts is easy enough on work nights. I’ll tap away at them throughout the coming week. It’s easier to support all of my hosts if they spread out a bit too. My posts are all unique, so watch this space to keep up with my personal challenges, Lisa art posts, and more.

Lisa Burton Radio is all scheduled for this week, and I know what’s going up next week too. I’m in good shape there.

I also cracked open a new book today. I didn’t get far, because Frankie needed a lot of poodle time, and we played a lot of ball too. I always miss the best events with my video camera, but posted the final few seconds of Frankie chasing the reflection of a wristwatch over on Facebook. It’s like cats with laser-pointers, but with a bulldog puppy. Unfortunately, I missed her lioness stalk, rush, and pounce.

I need to start my next Story Empire post, and have a vague idea of what I want to write. I have a week plus to post it, so it has time to take form.

My baseball team took a nosedive over the past week, and it feels like they need the Allstar Break to regroup. I hope this is the case, and they can return refreshed and tough for the second half. I managed to watch a few games, and pieces of others. I also played a few video games in the late evening.

Finally, this makes me happy. Maybe it will make you happy too.



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33 responses to “Today’s Efforts

  1. Omg, I saw the bulldog commercial on TV yesterday and couldn’t stop smiling. I immediately thought of you. I’ve always said whoever does Gieco’s advertising is a genius and this continues to prove it.

    I’ve only written 1 blog post so far for my upcoming release on 7/18 but I did manage 2k on my WIP today. I keep telling myself if I could write 1 blog post a night (on the mew release) I’d be I good shape but somehow it doesn’t happen 😦

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  2. Geico has some of the funniest commercials. 🙂 Most of the time I am glad I am not on Facebook, but I will admit it makes me sad that I cannot see the puppy playing.

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  3. Just saw that commercial. Was going to send it to you.

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  4. Loved the video. Glad to see you are getting things done.

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  5. Loved that commercial. I hope you’re all healing well after the weeks of lemons life has handed you 😔

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  6. I was so sorry to hear of your loss, Craig… the video was beautiful…

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  7. Adorable commercial!!! Geico has an amazing marketing team, as does Budweiser.
    “Lioness stalk” describes the move perfectly. I remember it well. So, Frankie’s feeling a little better, grief-wise? How’s Otto doing with his ailments?

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  8. Well – that definitely put a smile on my face!

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  9. That’s awesome! I saw that add before and took me a while to recognize it but it is so hilarious!!

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  10. That was a cute commercial!
    I liked Frankie’s video, too. Cletus the kitten does that with reflections all the time. 🙂

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  11. Thanks for sharing, Craig! It brought an instant smile. 🙂


  12. Hi Craig 🙂 I have a spot for you if you need another stop on your blog tour – happy for you to write about anything you like. Hope all is well x

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