Dragon Ass

Okay, this isn't a post about dragons. It's a post about attitude. My regulars will understand how my mojo flew out the window this week, and it's only fair to give you a small update.

Our veterinarian and our favorite breeder both gave us a measure of comfort with our loss of little Nyx. The vet said that heat stroke should not have happened in thirty minutes. Not with her in a shaded back yard and access to water. He said that Nyx may have had some other problem that was not known and contributed to her death. The other dogs were out there too and were unscathed.

Thinking back on it, she was the one who sat on the air conditioner vent regularly. Maybe he's onto something.

The breeder said she's lost dogs to heat before, and our dogs' father is susceptible to heat problems. She thinks we're lovely people, and can't think of better pet owners. I appreciate her sentiments, but beyond the regular bulldog problems with heat, maybe this bloodline is more susceptible to heat problems.

There is the possibility that our son isn't telling us the whole truth either. Maybe it was more than thirty minutes. We were only gone two hours, and nyx was happily licking my ear before we left.

It could also be a hideous cocktail of those facts. At this point we know all we're ever going to know, and the assessments are not conclusive.

We're both devastated. My wife couldn't go to work on Wednesday, and I had to leave after about an hour and come home myself. We both regularly place a hand on our remaining dogs just to see if they're breathing. We had them both wearing wet bandanas yesterday, because even with the air conditioner and overhead fan, we couldn't get the house below seventy-eight degrees last night. (I almost put one on myself.)

Frankie is having a hard time too. She wouldn't eat the first day, and kept looking for her sister. We finally had to buy a new outer bowl, run the glass insert through the dishwasher, and then she ate just fine. The other stuff smelled like Nyx, and I'm sure that's what the problem was. She's needed some extra ball playing, and spent a lot of time in my lap this morning with what we call poodle time.

Otto is still convalescing himself. He has good days and bad days. We have another appointment to see what more we can do for him. It's some kind of pinched nerve like sciatica, and that's about all we know. He feels decent and wants to play, which leads to a tough night after the exertion.

I'm still waiting for a formatted manuscript. I'll publish The Enhanced League as soon as I get one, then I'll put out a call for blog hosts. I'm the one being difficult and demanding here, in case you're wondering.

Beyond that, I assembled and scheduled next week's Lisa Burton Radio post. I also moved another one ahead in the queue. I need to keep working on these, lest my volunteers think I'm blowing them off, but with twenty five applicants, it does no good to get them all ready at once.

I finally got around to changing my wallpaper. Since July is determined to be so hot, I thought heat was an appropriate theme. Heat has caused all the disasters around my life this week too.

I'm going to see if I can work up a couple more promotional posts for Enhanced League. I may have enough, but might find a decent excerpt to share somewhere and those make fun posts.

I need to catch up on some reading too. I don't know if my mood is great for that until I try. I have several books I want to get to and may take a shot at one.

I really need to get on with The Yak Guy Project, but have been putting it off. This is for a couple of selfish reasons. I don't want to get tangled up during the Enhanced League release, and I don't want to release a novel during the summer months. Releasing Enhanced League around Major League Baseball's Allstar Break might not be so bad.

So that's me this weekend. I'll get some things done, but I'm kind of draggin' ass at the moment. (Wow, I've always free written the blog, but I'm starting a lot of sentences with I today. I don't think I'll edit it either.)


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54 responses to “Dragon Ass

  1. Not really sure what to say. Hope you can get your mojo back, but it makes perfect sense why it’s gone. Guess one can only take it step by step. Good to hear Frankie is eating. Was wondering about that a day ago.

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  2. Sorry to hear about Nyx, Craig. I know how attached we become to these pets. It’s tough to pick yourself up after these kinds of setbacks. I know you’ll take care of the others

    The heat settled in with lots of humidity here this week so I’ve had to limit my time running. Heat and humidity are a tough combination.

    Otto sounds like our Sam who ran out the door in excitement to go for a short trip and walk yesterday evening. His arthritic leg hurt and he whimpered as he limped to the car, still intent on going. We need to get him in some water to swim for some therapy and get him more chondroitin treats.

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  3. Perfectly understandable that the mojo has gone on strike, Craig. You’ve had a god-awful week.

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  4. I’m so sorry you lost Nyx. Not sure what to say. Words are never adequate, but mojo doesn’t strut its stuff when life side sweeps you. Good luck with the new book and hang in there.

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  5. You and your family endured a major loss, combined with dealing with Otto’s medical problems. Cut yourself some slack. Take the time you need to heal. We’re not going anywhere. I wish I could take your pain away. {{{{hugs}}}}

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  6. Hot weather does sap the energy so much, so it’s no surprise you’re not firing on all cylinders in the circs!
    It’s the same over here in the UK as well – although it’s Wimbledon fortnight and the weather system is obligingly setting itself up for summer storms as I write – so business as usual there! πŸ˜›
    Doing some literary free-wheeling sounds like it’s just what the doctor ordered – so ease up! πŸ˜€

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  7. When I lost my Silky Terrier I thought I was going to die as well. Give yourself time to fully grieve the loss of Nyx and do waht you can.

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  8. Ass-dragging makes sense after this week … and the universe will not end if you give your Self more time too. Take care.

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  9. Sometimes I is the topic. I mean, we care about your work and your family, but mostly we care about you.
    I’d thought the heat thing earlier, when I was offline a lot, but I saw a photo of Nyx hovering on the vent. After what happened, I wondered. Still so sorry it went down like that. I know some other bulldogs, so I’m aware of their sensitivities — I’m sure you’re GREAT parents and I’m sure no one is to blame.
    I think it’s great you gave us a hot background — cause that’s how it feels. I wish I could turn the snow feature on over it πŸ˜‰

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  10. I don’t want to “like” this post. SO, SO sorry for your and your wife’s loss, Craig. I didn’t realize dogs could get heatstroke. I guess cats might too as mine cluster around the a/c often. Hugs! When you get ready for your launch, send me what I’ll need to blog for you. Again, so deeply sorry for everything.

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  11. I am sadden to hear about your loss. I never thought about our cats and dogs in the heat. I know it’s never to lose a part of the family:(

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  12. Oh gosh I hadn’t yet heard about Nyx. I’m so, so sorry for you all. How devastating. Massive hugs to you and yours πŸ˜•πŸ•Š

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  13. Take some time to heal and your mojo will gradually return. I wish I could take some of that heat from you. Up here it generally hasn’t been a warm summer so far.

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  14. I think you’ve done well considering. I’ve found it tough whenever I’ve lost a furry friend, and Nyx was just a baby, which somehow makes it seem so much worse.

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  15. Poor Frankie. Part of her is missing.
    When you said your wife couldn’t go to work and you had to leave after an hour, something clicked in me. Both of you have that same connection to pets that I do. They are part of the family. I feel so terrible for both of you. And then you have Otto still struggling through his hurdles.I know you’re taking extra care of him and Frankie. You are awesome pet parents and Nyx got to experience that extraordinary love and attention in a way that no one else would have been able to provide.

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  16. You need to take some time to grieve after losing Nyx – I still tear up thinking about our cat, Shadow, and we lost him over 3 years ago. And poor Frankie – extra hugs for her.

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  17. So sorry to hear about your dog. It’s scary how susceptible dogs are to heat. We don’t get many hot days here, but when we do, Millie and Pearl suffer because they’re not used to the heat. I put cool, damp cloths in their armpits and on their paws – this is where large blood vessels are closest to the surface so the blood can cool quickly.

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  18. Still sending lots of love and healing your way. It’s been in the triple digits here, and my own special girl whines to go out, but I can’t bring myself to let her. She burned her paw on the concrete in my backyard just going to the bathroom. I can’t imagine what I would do if it had been worse. I wish there was some magic words to help, but… All my best to you and your family.

    Glad you’re still able to get some writing done. Occasionally I notice when I use words a lot, too. I’m glad you didn’t edit it out – it shows you’re focused on yourself, which is good when you’re hurting/healing.

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