Living and Dead Legends in Fiction: More Than One Flavor

This is a great post from Charles that can really help with world building. I can see it working beyond fantasy too. Science fiction comes to mind, but there is room for expansion.

Legends of Windemere

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One of the more traditional parts of fantasy are the legends that get talked about or even met in an adventure.  Isildur in Lord of the Rings, Aslan in Narnia, and Halt in The Ranger’s Apprentice are examples that all differ from each other.  What they have in common is reputation and/or fame, which is why they are called legends more than celebrities within their world.  Yes, I might be stretching with Isildur, but I’ll get to why he’s there in a little bit.  I think there are different categories that a legendary character can fall into, so let’s look at the ones I thought up:

The Legendary Hero

 This is probably the most common.  Your noble warriors and casters who saved the world from destruction.  More than likely, the current problem stems from a loose end that they were unable to handle.  These characters…

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6 responses to “Living and Dead Legends in Fiction: More Than One Flavor

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Craig.

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  2. Very interesting post, and Freddie was right he is a legend!

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