Tuning up a manuscript

I woke up at 6:30 today. Hey, my wife had to work, and I'm on vacation. If the puppies let me sleep that long, I'm taking advantage of it.

I made it out to the writing cabin about 7:30. I had three dogs to feed, and forced Otto into a short, slow walk around the park next door. He's been pretty sedentary, and I wanted him to move around a little bit.

Lisa is still gone, having scheduled her own vacation right after she finished up posing for Sean Harrington. Right now, it's just me and Doubt the raven. A little bit of that New Orleans chicory coffee and I went to work.

I opened up The Enhanced League and started into my reading. My beta readers all pointed out things I used, and I wanted a final reading to make sure everything still flowed. They all had some ideas I didn't use too, but that's kind of how beta reading works. These wonderful people helped me make the book so much better.

Doubt spotted a spelling error and a formatting issue too. For these short stories, I usually start off with a date followed by a colon. Some of them had a location immediately after that, and some didn't. I revamped everything, replacing the colons with periods, and made sure they all had a location. This involved my fictional broadcast team being in some places where the location isn't relevant to the story, but that's how I did it. If nothing else, it helps define how big the league is.

I sent off an email to my formatter. I last contacted her in late April, and feel bad for taking so long. Life has a way of interrupting my writing career, and that isn't all bad either.

I decided to break up the work by assembling and scheduling a guest post for tomorrow. This is pretty simple to do, but it takes some time. I emailed the advance link back to the guest, and checked that off my task list.

Then I decided to start writing blog tour posts of my own. I only managed one, about something new in this book that I call anthems. I wrote about my inspiration to create them, and how I used them in the book. I still have more posts to write, but it feels good to get started.

That's when the phone rang. “Hello.”

“Hi, this is Lisa. Just wanted to see how you're getting along.”

“Oh, fine. It's the first day of my vacation. How's your vacation?”

“It's good, I finished up with Sean yesterday and grabbed a bus out of town.”

“A bus?”

“You know robot girls can't pass through TSA machines. It's a bus or come home to get the rocket-pack.”

“Oh yeah, from the second Notebook. Where did you decide to go?”

“I'm in sunny Southern California right now. There are cruise ships operating out of San Diego, and I may decide to play a little blackjack.”

“Hardly fair with your card counting skills.”

“It isn't illegal to be smarter than they are. Besides, it's my main source of spending money.”

“What about your paycheck?”

“That's cute, but it doesn't provide the kind of wardrobe I'm used to.”

“Well, try to have a good time. Then I need you to help me with a time travel story. Right after that I need to polish up The Yak Guy Project. Before you know it, we'll be starting on The Hat, and Estivation. We need some Macabre Macaroni stories too.”

“It all sounds like fun. The posters are going to be awesome.”

“With you and Sean, I never have any doubts. Can't wait to see them. Do you think I need to find a bus depot and pick you up eventually?”

“Um, I'll keep you posted on that. Bye.”

Research Note: The Henderson Motorcycle Company was an American company. If it were still around, it would be revered right alongside Harley Davidson. They were part of the Schwinn Bicycle company. The Henderson Streamliner is an Art Deco masterpiece.


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29 responses to “Tuning up a manuscript

  1. Hope Lisa finds her way back!

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  2. Excellent post, Craig. Sounds like you are happy with the book which is great.

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  3. Ah, the headache of time travel stories. One wrong move and you make a paradox that is never any good. Why can’t a time travel screw up result in a timeline where eating pudding helps you lose weight and everyone has their dream job? It’s always Hitler winning or dinosaurs.

    Love that picture at the bottom. Lisa’s expression is priceless.

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  4. Just wanted to let you know that I listed you for a Liebster Award on my blog today. If you don’t have time for it–and it sounds like you have plenty to do–no worries. But I liked seeing your blog in the list:)

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  5. I like how you went back and made the dates and places consistent. I notice stuff like that and it bothers me.
    I woke at 8 and felt like that was WAY too early, lol! Coffee did help 🙂

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  6. Such progress.. and on a Sunday too! I gather Otto is still not up to scratch yet, hope he feels better soon…

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  7. What a great feeling to get the book sent to formatting! Way to go! Loved the phone conversation with Lisa!

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  8. Great post, Craig. Very entertaining.

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  9. Progress! And Otto got out and about on top of it.
    Fun post. I especially liked Lisa’s comment about her paycheck being “cute.” The girl needs her shopping money 🙂

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  11. Glad Lisa has some time off too – that girl is a workhorse.

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  12. Her vacation sounds much more fun than mine was. The beach sounds wonderful. In the meantime, I hope your vacation was enjoyable and productive!

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