I don't have to return to the paycheck job until July 3rd. I've been trying to get this week off since April, but things have been too busy at work. It isn't perfect right now either, but I need my time off.

I got enough response to my request for guest authors to carry Lisa Burton Radio into October without missing a week. This means working on those posts will be part of what I have to do.

I need to work through two critiques this weekend, and have them ready for our meeting on Tuesday.

I could have gotten my first book out by now if I'd have gotten the time off, but I didn't and it's time to do something about it. Those of you who know me will recall that I like to make a list.

Projects for my week off:

  • Re-read The Enhanced League and make edits.
  • Figure out how to add images to the back of the book and actually make them look good.
  • Get the final MS out to the formatter, and pay her.
  • Assemble a guest post I agreed to host.
  • Work on Lisa Burton Radio stuff as it comes in.
  • Finish up a post I've been working on to appear elsewhere.
  • Start the word searches on Yak Guy.
  • Read Yak Guy and start editing.
  • Write blog tour posts for Enhanced League.

Depending on how well I do, I can get to some of these:


  • Research and assemble something I'd like to post for July 4th.
  • Publish The Enhanced League.
  • Put out a request for blog tour hosts.
  • Do some deeper research and start writing my time travel short story for an anthology.
Nine days, Thirteen items on my list. Some of those are pretty variable, like the Lisa interviews. Might get one to work on, or a dozen.

On top of that, I intend to hang out with Otto, drink some beer, watch a few baseball games, and I might even play a video game. It's a vacation after all.


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25 responses to “Taskmaster

  1. Geez, and I thought I was a hard taskmaster! How’s Otto now?

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  2. Your dedication is inspiring! But then, I’m over here like play video games and drink beer, man!
    I just finished all the food prep and cooking for the reunion. Sassy’s makin me a bowl of pasta e fagioli and then it’s on to mojitos! 😛
    I’ve got another One-Day-I’ll-finish-Jane-Doe file at work. I’ve almost finished her. I won’t be at work Monday, but I hope I have so much fun, I don’t even think about her waiting for me Tuesday.

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  3. Through October for Lisa? That is an awesome response! It is an awful lot of work for a vacation, though.

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  4. Good luck with the list and hopefully you get a little rest too. Maybe you can distract the taskmaster with a nice beer. How’s Otto doing?

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  5. Congrats on getting the days off so that you can get your “tasks” done!

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  6. Glad you got a good response. Good to have time off as well. Sounds like things will be getting done. Rooting for Otto.

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  7. Enjoy the vacation and don’t work too hard. Hugs to Otto. Still wishing him well.

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  8. Hope you manage to enjoy some time to relax with Otto, and that he’s pain-free so can enjoy it too.

    That’s quite a list… Good luck with it all!

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  9. A vacation sounds divine. I’ve got 3 days off next week but need to survive this one (after a horrific Friday). Even if you only get half of your task list done I would consider that a huge accomplishment. And you need to squeeze some fun/relaxing in there. Why do we guilt ourselves when we enjoy vacation days as vacation days?
    Sending hugs and well wishes to Otto.

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  11. Great response for Lisa! Sorry Otto still isn’t himself – glad you got some time off.

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  12. I like to make lists, as well. I find they really help to organize my thoughts and keep on top of what I’ve completed. Otherwise, my brain is too scattered.

    Thrilled at the response to your request for guest posts. Hopefully, by later this year, I’ll be sending in my own application!

    Sending more love to Otto. ❤

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