More vacation stuff, plus research

Vacation posts are kind of hit and miss in my experience. Since it's all I have right now, I'm going to go for it.

We went on the walking voodoo tour last night. Turns out this was a very PC kind of presentation. They drew the obvious connections to Catholicism, and discussed the ways it came from Africa and evolved after it arrived. Everyone worships the same god, and while the Catholics have saints, voodoo has other names for lesser deities that will sometimes intercede on our behalf.

All the shops seem to have two active altars, and shoppers are forbidden from photographing them. However; those on the tour are invited to photograph them. I have no idea about the difference, but I have a theory money is involved. I wanted to explain that, because of the sign in my photograph. I'm not one of those tourists who fails to follow the rules.

This altar is for a goddess who is also in charge of inspiration. Think of her like a Muse among her other responsibilities. She's also fond of very high quality things. Notice the champaign offerings.

Of course, everything is very benign even good. Questions from the crowd about voodoo dolls and zombies were casually poo pooed. Some dumb ass had to ask the difference between voodoo and hoodoo. (It was me.) They distanced themselves from hoodoo, explaining it isn't a religion but more of a practice. Then they explained all the things Hollywood comes up with make better fiction. (Kind of a please ask questions, but not you buddy response. I'm sure John Howell could make a ten things list about this.)

They noted that John Paul II held mass here, and met with a group of voodoo priests. Once he understood the similarities, he declared voodoo a companion religion to Catholicism. At least that's what our guide Daphne said. (My wife didn't like all my Scooby Doo jokes after learning the guide's name, so I'll keep them to myself.)

On the better fiction point we are in agreement. Voodoo, or hoodoo, are better when they're fantastic and dangerous. I will continue to step up my fictional game on this basis. In fact, Lorelei my Muse visited me and gave me an outstanding character. He is a supporting character in my mind, but I already have about six vignette ideas for him. I just need to find a hero and a plot to go with him. This is much more difficult than when the plot comes first. In fact, I'm already struggling with an old concept of how to keep magic from being the cure for everything. Any paranormal or fantasy authors will know what I mean.

We've eaten a ton, and that doesn't seem likely to stop. Last night we went to Acme Oyster Bar. (I expected Wile E. Coyote to make an appearance, but he didn't.) We did the old people thing and shared a couple of dishes. The charbroiled oysters were fantastic, and so were the red beans and rice, rounded out by fried stone crab claws and fried crawfish tails. (In Idaho we call them crawdads, but since we're here…)

Today we're being lazy. We had room service breakfast, with beignets (And praline sauce). Then Old What's Her Face booked a pedicure. I think I'll just hang here until she's ready to go out. I'm kind of tired, and we walked about a thousand miles in the last few days. New Orleans makes me glad I never rented a car.

Drivers here are aggressive and impatient. I've heard more car horns in a long weekend than in a year in Boise. Boise drivers are crazy too, but they don't ride on their horn like they do here.

This is a town for walkers, at least this part of town. The humidity and heat make this difficult, but we did it anyway. Since we were walking so much, I decided to play Pokemon Go while doing so. I missed the first one of these I saw, but the second one is mine.

This guy is regional, and does not appear in Idaho. I'm sure not everyone is into this game, but it's kind of fun to find something you just can't get everywhere.

It's a long ways, but I'd like to go to Jean Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop today. It's a bar, and Lafitte is a genuine part of NOLA history, as well as American History. Again, we have no agenda and we may, or may not get there. Old What's Her Face refuses to try the bicycle rickshaw taxi things, and it's a long way to walk.

Tomorrow we fly out early, and it looks like we have three legs to get home. (The joys of flying on standby, but you can't argue with the price.)


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21 responses to “More vacation stuff, plus research

  1. Yes, I think I could make a Ten Things Not to Do on a Voo Doo tour. Number one would be not to keep poking pins into that little doll in the tour leaders hand. Thanks, Craig sounds like a good time. You hit Preservation Hall yet?

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  2. Looks like the alter is doing its job! I often find I get inspiration when the mind is taking a break. Looks like you’re having a great time.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awww, I was hoping they wouldn’t be so evasive. Then again, I wonder how much fiction we believe as fact when it comes to voodoo. Congrats on the Pokémon catch.

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  4. New Orleans is my FAVORITE place to visit. If you haven’t already, you MUST eat at the Oceana Grill. The Bloody Marys there are a meal in themselves, but the Oyster Po’ Boy is yummy! So cool that you did the walking tour. That’s also a MUST. Have you been in Marie Laveau’s shop? Have fun and wish I was there!

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  5. I did not know certain Pokemon were regional. My kids did, DUH. lol
    I’m still jealous about your oysters. *sigh* I batter fried some walleye and served it with rice pilaf — it was very good, but not oyster good.
    Nothing like travel to spark a writer’s brain 🙂

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  6. We ate at Acme Oyster the last time we were in NOLA. Both my sons play Pokemon Go – will have to show this to them.

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  7. Congratulations on your Pokemon catch! My Dad plays Pokemon Go, and I’d play it if it worked with voiceover. I used to play Pokemon a LOT when I still had some sight.

    Sounds like you’re having a great vacation, even if you are exhausted.

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  8. You had stone crab claws? I am so freaking jealous!

    Interesting that Pope John Paul II held mass there. That was quite surprising.

    It’s always great seeing a new place and exploring a new culture. I loved the vacation post!

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