A little bit behind

It's been trying around here. I usually get a small project finished in the evenings, but the house is chaos right now. If I open my blogging program, one of the puppies tries to mess on the floor. This requires me to jump up and address the problem. Then it usually requires me to play for fifteen minutes, darn it.

I have about three Lisa interviews to work on, and I must get one scheduled for next week. Puppies may be helpful in this regard. We've decided that one of us needs to stay with them, so we might be running individual errands for a while. With the arrival of nice weather, I can use the backyard furniture and slave away while the puppies get the run of the yard.

If I can get caught up on my commitments to others, I need to forge ahead on my reading. This is a commitment to a friend too, and this kind of task comes first.

Life won't work this well, but in a perfect world, I'll get to address my beta edits too. If I can catch up on the interviews and do some reading, I'll be content.

Our current situation also puts a damper on date night, but that's okay. There is a strong possibility that our daughter will babysit while we take a quick trip together next week. My fingers are crossed for that.

Otto has a little habit that we call poodle time. He likes to crawl up with me in the early mornings. With the arrival of his sisters, things are getting crowded. It's a lousy photo, but they had to move to the ottoman so everyone could fit.

Looks like a Bev Doolittle painting.


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40 responses to “A little bit behind

  1. How adorable they are. So you get a bit behind — they won’t be pups forever!

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  2. It’s been crazy busy around here all week. I didn’t pet MY cat today until almost 10pm. I don’t know where she was this morning…the bed gets full, too, but she’ll seriously turn herself into a scarf to hold her position! I’m glad we had some affections tonight. Those quiet moments with our pets are some of the best in a day. A dog and two puppies — why Craig, if you had a cat, we could be opposites.

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  3. The fun and distraction of baby animals. Hope you can get some stuff done.

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  4. I wouldn’t be getting much done either, more fun watching the new babies!

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  5. Welcome to my world, only mine’s a small human. Pity me as I have potty training looming on the horizon. Seriously though, I hope you’re having fun getting to know your little friends and in situations like this I think to myself (perhaps a little morbidly) on my death bed am I going to be wishing I done than extra bit of writing or that I’d taken the time out to connect and spend time with my family. There’s a song I listen to by Johnny Flynn and the words of the chorus are ‘Pray for the people inside your head, because they won’t be there when you’re dead.’ Think that says it all.

    Have a wondeful weekend. πŸ™‚

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  6. Aww, so sweet. I remember those days, only we had eight, and then two litters of puppies when “the kids” got older. Such nice memories. Cherish this time. Everything else can wait.

    Now I need to scroll back to see how you ended up with two baby girls. πŸ™‚

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  7. Do you remember the ‘pushmepullyou’ from the original (and best) Dr. Doolittle? LOL πŸ˜€

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  8. The books were even better! πŸ˜€

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  9. The problem, Craig, is that you try to do to much. You probably wouldn’t be you though, if you didn’t. Such cute puppies.

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  10. Enjoyed the pic. The nice thing about new puppies is they eventually grow up. I can see all three in the bed in the morning. LOL

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  11. It’s a good job they’re so cute! Hope you manage to get some things done, Craig πŸ™‚

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  12. Hugs! Puppies are a joy but require work too as I’m sure you know. They’re like trying to write when your kids are babies. I did that and the work suffered from it as I was low on sleep and stressed out from the crying and care of them.

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  13. Who can resist puppies times three? (Because even dogs are forever puppies in my opinion). Chaos and fun probably got together with this group. πŸ™‚

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  14. I expected there to be chaos when you first brought them home. Still, I know they’re worth it. Enjoy them, and just get what you can done when you can fit it in.

    I’ll be joining you in puppy chaos in a few days. Although, I’ll only have one, and she’s a smaller breed. Going to be interesting seeing what the chinchillas make of her though. I know our degu will be fine, since we’ve had him since when we still had our previous dog a few years back, and he’s met dogs belonging to a couple of people we know. But the chinchillas haven’t met a dog before.

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    • They’re so much fun, but I get to write about it all good and bad. Have fun making your introductions. A puppy should be easier to introduce.


      • You do indeed. Plus, you never know, they may even inspire a story or two you wouldn’t have written otherwise.

        I’m more curious than concerned. Our previous dog was the same breed (Westie) and we’ve had animals of various types around when we had him. He loved them all; he seemed to consider anyone of any species to be his friend. So I’m not too concerned. Like I said, I’m more curious as to what the chinchillas will think than anything. I mean, I’m going to be careful, make sure not to take chances, etc, but I’m sure it will be fine.

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  15. They’re so adorable, Craig – bet they keep you entertained!

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