A Self-Publishing Checklist

I’m up over at Story Empire today. My topic is what I do to get a book ready for publication. Drop in and see if you have anything to add.

Story Empire

Hi Story Empire fans, Craig here again. I’m pre-writing this so I don’t know when it will post as it references my process. The big point is I have two books that are very close to being released. One or both may be available when this posts.

Being a self publisher gives a tremendous amount of freedom, but it also comes with all of the work. I thought you might like a peek at what I go through to bring one of my books out. Warning: If you hadn’t noticed before, my process is a kind of organized chaos, so I may wander a bit in this post.

The starting point for me is a finished first draft. This needs to go in the vault for a number of weeks before I attempt any personal edits. In most cases, the draft has been through a brutal critique group and those…

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5 responses to “A Self-Publishing Checklist

  1. evejansonspirituality

    ”Organized Chaos” – perfect words 🙂

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  2. carmens007

    While I’m spared half of your effort, being with a publisher means I’m also | spared”half of the earnings. But with my latest publisher I think they deserve it – covers, sending copies to readers.
    Advantages and disadvantage both ways,

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