Not Feeling It

I’m just not feeling it today. This isn’t an infrequent situation, to be completely honest. What I normally do is bull my way through and accomplish what I can anyway. I always have so much going on that I can’t afford a goof off day. Today I’m taking one, and that’s bad.

Here’s what I need to do this weekend:

  • Schedule a guest post I committed to. (This is simple, I just need to do it.)
  • Assemble and schedule next week’s Lisa Burton Radio.
  • I have two “radio” posts to get started on, which takes some time.
  • I have a book I need to keep reading.
  • After this gets finished, I need to start working on my own beta edits.

My daughter came home last night. She gave me an awesome haircut, and we had a nice visit. She also had some visit left in her this morning. I dedicated 100% of my time to her before she left.

I took today off, but it was for a checkup with Doctor Finger. It turned out to be a consultation, and I avoided the finger completely. It was a great report, and my PSA continues to drop. Still, between this and my daughter, half a day was shot. That contributes to my attitude a bit.

Tomorrow is dedicated to a different project. We have to drive to Burley and bring Frankie home. She had her final puppy appointment and weighs 10 pounds 1 ounce.

That shoots down tomorrow. Sundays are never all that productive. I’ve been watching a lot of baseball in the evenings too. I’ll probably continue this habit, with a puppy in my lap. Need to get to my task list in the mornings.

The good news is my flex day off is Monday. I can usually be productive on my flex day.

I won’t actually wait that long. I’ll chip away at things every day, and maybe the list will be smaller when Monday rolls around. What do you do when you’re just not feeling it?



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53 responses to “Not Feeling It

  1. Good question and it does sound like you have a lot going on. I’ve found I lose my mojo when there are too many things calling for me. I tend to just veg with a casual manga or tv. Just let the work-a-holic side of the brain recharge. Not a perfect plan though.

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  2. Yay for avoiding the finger!!!!! And for falling PSA numbers. And puppies. And daughters who give good hair cuts. 🙂

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  3. I tend to go do something physical. Mow the lawn, trim palms, go for a bike ride. That usually does it. If not, I write a short story. Then I’m good.

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  4. We must be on the same wavelength, lol! I’m trying to push myself to get through some blogs tonight before I turn in. I have a busy day tomorrow, taking my son back to get graduation supplies and the yard needs tending. Sunday, I’ll spend at my mom’s. Not sure if I will get any writing time in but I try to push for just one sentence. That one sentence keeps me in the flow. Without it, I spiral and it takes me a while to get back in sync.

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  5. When I feel like that I do the bare minimum. I don’t go in early or work late, I don’t straighten my hair, I tell other people to prep dinner or do laundry, I post old drafts.
    In all sincerity, last week was like that, and I can tell you I ate too much sugar, renewed my caffeine dependency, barely slept, and whined A LOT. But then, I had a great date, some liquid sedation, some uh, adult exercise, a long sleep, and two days of sunshine and fresh air. I have gotten through this week without any of last week’s issues. So you know, have a beer and chill in the hammock. Whatever really refreshes you. And say no quite a bit.

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  6. I’m not feelin’ it today either. Although I got a quite a bit of sleep last night, I haven’t really felt awake all day, and I’ve had to force myself to do even the tiniest little thing – mental or physical. Even planning for later or making lists seems beyond me today. I am in the grip of lazy-brain. Even the idea of going out for fun sounds too much like work this particular Friday evening.

    Not my default, generally, but it has dotted my cognitive landscape more frequently in the last month – so I think I’ll follow Charles’ example and just give in and go to bed early (REALLY early for me). If I don’t feel energy’s return tomorrow I’ll make a new plan. We aren’t designed to be human-doings after all!

    The new puppy is ADORABLE – brings back memories of bringing little TinkerToy home when he was barely over 3 pounds (10.5 now, full grown). Puppy antics and puppy breath!

    I’m hoping to have the energy to groom and bathe Tink tomorrow. He’s rather a mess after our trip to the cabin, but grooming long-haired dogs take more time, energy and careful attention than most people imagine – and this breed cannot be left to sit around wet. Maybe I need to note it in my DayTimer’s To-DO section – I can do that much, at least. 🙂 Yawn.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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  7. Marie Cheine

    When I have so many things to do that I can’t even get started, I refocus. Choose easiest task first and get it done. One down, the next comes a bit easier. Don’t beat yourself up. Life is complicated.

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  8. It must be going round – I had a post to write yesterday and just didn’t do it. I find when I’m not feeling it I just have to give in to it and go do something else (if possible) It’ll come back when it’s ready. And yay! for Frankie, positive doctor visits and daughters, all good stuff 😊

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  9. I curse a lot and do what I can, usually something pleasant if possible. Like Joey, I am learning to say no … to myself as well as everyone else!

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  10. When I have days like this I say to myself that as long as I get one thing done, no matter how small, that moves me one step further along the path then that’s good enough, even if that’s step is just writing a list of what I have to do and when I’m going to do them. We all need a rest occasionally Craig and I bet you’re looking forward to your new arrival! 🙂

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  11. Sometimes priorities need to shift! 😉 New puppies and quality time with your daughter sound like worthy reasons to resechedules – and no Dr. Finger is enough reason to celebrate too! 😀
    Hope your flex day finds you refreshed and ready to rejoin the fray! ❤

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  12. Either forge ahead or close the computer and go have fun. I much prefer the latter, but it isn’t always possible, as you know.. Have fun today!!!!


  13. We do what we can when we can with the resources we have. That’s about sums it up. 🙂

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  14. Is it bad, that I haven’t been feeling for weeks and weeks. My house needs cleaning, the laundry thankfully is done (my husband did it) I didn’t finish the A-Z Blogging challenge, the XYZ stumped me, I have bedding plants that have gone unplanted for weeks, haven’t written anything in my book for months. I suck – but I am okay with it.

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  15. Don’t laugh, but I watch Disney or Pixar movies. And no, there are no children in this house. My “baby” is twenty-five, married, and lives on an Army base an hour away! 😄

    Mulan, The Lion King, Monsters, Inc. and their friends all just put me in a better mood and I can get back to work. 😉


  16. When I’m not feeling it, I pick the shortest task and make myself do it. Then I play video games…

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  17. I’m quite an expert at not feeling it. I often think how good it would be to sleep till the last possible moment in the morning instead of getting up at 5.30 to translate for an hour before going to work. I would like to spend my lunch break just reading novels instead of making the most of it by writing or editing. And in the evening I’d really like to simply watch some TV.

    When I don’t feel it, I usually push through it (or some of it at least) anyway and the thought which pushes me is how bad I’m going to feel the following day knowing I have waisted precious time (I’m really good at making myself feeling guilty).

    The past week however (and the next looks just the same) I couldn’t accomplish a lot. We are preparing for an inspection at the laboratory where I work and we are all working longer hours than usual, even on Saturday.

    Yesterday I couldn’t force myself to do almost anything productive once home.

    I think sometimes our brain just needs a pause, some time off. And while many times forcing ourselves to do something is a good way to beat procrastination, thee are those days when pushing and pulling things in and out of our head does more evil than good.

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  18. I usually read when I’m not feeling it. I finished a short story for an anthology Friday and I think that might have burnt out my creative energy for the weekend.I finished reading a book Saturday and today I went shopping. I hope to be more productive this upcoming week.

    I think Frankie might keep you occupied when she arrive, so if the next week isn’t all that productive, I wouldn’t worry about it. A new puppy arrival trumps everything!

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  19. When I’m not feeling it, I do the tasks that can’t wait (or, if there aren’t any that are urgent, a few of the things that are easiest and/or quickest to do) and then I go do something fun.

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  21. Sometimes you need that down day to let the battery recharge. Frankie is adorable!

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