Been super busy

As a matter of fact, I could be mental. If not, I feel close and it woldn't take much to get me there. My paycheck job has kept me super busy. It's three weeks of craziness that seems to happen every year. It won't end until after next week.

I worked my personal slate clean ahead of time. I even burned some vacation time to get it all done. Now my personal life is falling behind again. That means blogging, reading, writing, and all the peripheral activities that go with it.

My blog stats are down, Lisa's Facebook site is stagnant, and my FB page isn't much better.

I have half of a Lisa Burton Radio post finished, but there is more to do. I have about a quarter of another one. I just need to find time to work on them. This will have to be a priority over the weekend. If you've been cursing me in private, I will get the projects up to date this weekend.

There is a cool Lisa interview scheduled tomorrow, so that will help me out a bit. Gotta love the scheduler option in WordPress. If I get everything done, I'll be two weeks ahead. That means Lisa needs more guests if you're of a mind.

One awesome beta reader turned The Enhanced League project around in about six hours. She made some outstanding comments and suggestions. I feel like a slacker right now. I want to dive right into the modifications, but it makes more sense to get a few more reports before I work through it all. It's a good enough reason to put it off for a while.

I still need to update my banner image, but at least I got the wallpaper changed. I really need to get back on social media too. My footprint doesn't amount to much over the last two weeks. I'm sure this can change, but I need to address it.

Everything will get done, I'm certain of it. I just have to make time for everything life throws at me for a few weeks. I kind of know how a ping pong ball feels right now. In my personal life, I like to work on projects in some kind of order. Lately everything is shuffled together, but I think progress is happening.

On the good side, early reports for The Enhanced League are positive. Actually, they're awesome. Lisa's show is scheduled for tomorrow, and the subsequent interviews are partially done. The Lisa promotional posters for Enhanced League are looking awesome too.

Harmony Kent has an awesome tool for us over at Story Empire today. This post kicked my Muse in the pants, and I got a cool new idea. I even wrote it down so I don't forget. (Bonus!) I was also invited to contribute to another anthology dedicated to time travel. I've never written a time travel story before, and I already have a cool creepy new idea for it. It just needs some serious daydreaming time before I start writing it.

This weekend I'll work on the Lisa interviews, maybe apply a bit of triage to my social media accounts, get that banner updated, schedule my next Story Empire post, and write a new one for Chris Graham. If I accomplish any more than that, it will be gravy.

It sounds like a plan. If I'm lucky, it will carry me through the 12th. On the 13th we get to pick up Frankie and bring her to her forever home. I'm pretty excited about that part.


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38 responses to “Been super busy

  1. Stealth-mode doesn’t really work on social media, but I’ll admit that it sounds appealing. Hope things settle down earlier than expected or that you at least get the zappy paddle things on the social media heartbeat. Obviously, I’m not a hospital working person.

    By the way, I started reading Enhanced League since I had a few hours tonight. Really liking it so far.

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  2. OMG…I’m really embarrassed to admit this, but I’m drawing a blank on The Enhanced League Project. Have I really been this seriously disconnected? I feel ya on the whole so much to do and I’ve been overwhelmingly disorganized for a few months. I keep thinking it will all come together in the end…but I dunno.

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  3. Very interesting wall paper this month. 🙂

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  4. Craig, you have no idea how pleased I was to read this post. It is good to know that there are other bloggers that also struggle with juggling everything and also have patches when they just can’t do it all. Your life sounds a lot like mine – I also have very busy patches at work when everything else falls by the wayside. I try to get ahead during the quieter patches. I have a new book coming out at the end of June. It is called Silly Willy goes to Cape Town and the main characters, Cautious Craig and Silly Willy, are 8 and 3 years old respectively. If Lisa would like to interview them they would be happy to participate. But, I must warn you, 3 year olds are prone to tantrums [grin!].

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  5. It is a bit of a nightmare when Life decides to take control, and it doesn’t usually pay to put up much of a fight. I retreat to my little patch of garden and wait until it gives up! (with a notebook and pen, of course!)

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  6. Here’s hoping the paid job carousel winds down quickly for you, Craig. You sound like you’ve got plenty to pull out of the bag on the ‘proper’ job (anything to do with the writing! 😉 ) and you’ve got it all organised as usual! Go you! ❤

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  7. I’m sorry you feel you’re falling behind. Compared to other people, though, you’re ahead of the game. You’ve got a lot going on. Celebrate the wins! No matter how you feel about what you have going on, I’m impressed.

    Wishing you get through the paid job craziness quickly!

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  8. When paid job craziness kicks in it’s hard to concentrate on much else, but it sounds like you’re still moving ahead, maybe just a bit slower. I wish I could contribute to the anthology, but I know I can’t fit in another story. Drat!

    At least I can look forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with. And I can’t wait to see photos of Frankie! Puppy Day is almost here!

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  9. Any progress is good progress, even if it’s slower than you’d like.

    I’m happy for you as regards the closeness of the date for Frankie to come home.

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  10. I’ve written a bizarre time-travel mini-story for one of my magazine quest intros, but I’m saving it for round 2, so it will probably be a couple of months before I post it.

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  11. We’re always looking for that balance, I am familiar with the swing. Hopefully you get some personal time soon.

    PS: Last night, I was at the ************* mall, and I saw this mannequin lady from about 100 feet away and I was like, “that looks like Lisa Burton” — all shiny with the cleavage and the itty-bitty waist — and do you know who it was when I finally got to it, Craig? Harley Quinn. HAHAHAHA!

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  12. Ali Isaac

    Sometimes (real) life gets in the way. All we can do is roll with it. But what have I missed? Who is FRANKIE???

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