Look What I Won! @stacitroilo @virgilante #books #amreading

So glad Teri likes her prizes. I’m giving away more stuff on the 21st, so make sure you stop over.

Books and Such

If you read my latest Downsizing the TBR Pile post (here), you know that because of the Story Empire Roadshow, I’m probably changing the title of that feature to How Many Books Can I Buy Before My TBR Crushes Me – only shorter.  I’m open to suggestions.  But not only did I acquire some fantastic reads, I also won some goodies!

I won this notepad from Staci Troilo’s newest collection, Medici Protectorate series.  Although I haven’t started those books yet, I’ve read the first book in her Cathedral Lake series and have the other two in the TBR.  If you’re a fan of romance/paranormal/suspense, check out Medici Protectorate.  Swing by Staci’sblog and say hi – and maybe add to your own TBR while you’re there.

If you’re a frequent flyer over at Craig Boyack’s blog, a certain robot lady depicted on this mug needs no introduction.  If…

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April 19, 2017 · 9:50 AM

15 responses to “Look What I Won! @stacitroilo @virgilante #books #amreading

  1. Thanks for the RB, Craig!

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  2. I thought it was so nice of Teri to post that.

    Good luck on your next giveaway, Craig!

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  3. Ali Isaac

    Wow! Love that mug, Craig… what a great idea!

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  4. I have the same dilemma, Craig. I wonder if my Kindle can explode. 🙂 A catchy title would start a whole new trend. 🙂 Love the Lisa Burton mug. I love everything about Lisa Burton. Congrats on the win!

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  5. I love winning stuff 🙂 That’s a nice one. I would totally drink from a Lisa mug. Does she come in different ‘styles’?

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