The Idea Mill – Guest Post by Craig Boyack…

I’m back at Chris Graham’s place today. The topic is my Idea Mill posts, and how they can help speculative fiction authors.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog


Craig Boyack here, with another post on the Storyreading Ape’s blog. This is my eighth post here, and the assignment gets more difficult with each post. “Write something without going down the buy my book path.” It’s a great test, and I’m always up for a challenge.

I’m writing this early in the morning on Christmas Eve. I may actually have a new book out by now, but don’t dare write about it today. My topic is going to be speculative fiction.

In the writing world, there are more definitions for every term than are helpful. Look up word counts for short stories as an example. In most cases, I look to the definitions as guidelines and make up my own parameters. Speculative fiction is like that. For me, it involves at least one impossible element.

You can look to broad categories like science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal, or you…

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5 responses to “The Idea Mill – Guest Post by Craig Boyack…

  1. Thanks for the suggestions, Craig. A steady flow of ideas is where it’s at.


  2. Great post over there!

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  3. Aw, man. I saw the picture and got excited., thinking it was an actual Ideal Mill post. Tease! 😛

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