Meet Frankie

Did you guys miss me? The big tour is over, but it was a bunch of fun and I'm calling it a success. I had three different books crack the top 50 in their category, and Experimental Notebook #2 was at number 2 when I woke up one morning. It may have been higher, but a guy has to sleep sometime. Thank you all for making my guests feel welcome while I was visiting their sites.

We drove halfway across Idaho today. It's time to see the puppies and make a selection. Otto went with us, and his breeder is impressed with the way he turned out. He got to meet his mom and dad again, and they were so cute. We also met the mother of these puppies and she is cute too. The puppies and Otto share a father. Otto's dad is massive, and I have no doubt Otto will be too after he fills out a bit.

It rained on us the whole time, sometimes it was so heavy we couldn't see well, and it even turned to hail and snow briefly.

Here is a herd of bulldog puppies, oh and Otto's foot:

The pictures aren't great, because they don't stand still for long. Otto thinks puppies are awesome.

They're still babies, and won't be ready to move to their permanent homes until early May. It's nice to choose, and get out of the way of others. So this is Frankie and she'll be living with us after she leaves home.

Cute right? And so is the puppy. Here is a better look at her.

She's darker than Otto, but the breeder said he was dark too at her age. She could stay this dark, or may be more of a match for his copper brindle coat. Either way, she's the one we want.

Otto doesn't enjoy car rides, but he was a trooper. We stopped off at the pet store and let him choose a toy before coming home.

Tonight we're going to squeeze in date night somehow, but it might have to be pizza and beer, maybe a baseball game. Hope you guys had a great Saturday too.


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45 responses to “Meet Frankie

  1. Congrats on the rankings and new family member. Adorable.

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  2. Oh, how ADORABLE! Congrats!

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  3. She’s beautiful! How long until you get to take her home?

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  4. ‘…I have no doubt Otto will be too after he fills out a bit…’ he’s such a wee spindly thing! 😀 … lovely puppies. 🙂


  5. AW! Yeah, super cute 🙂 I’m glad Otto had a big bulldog day!

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  6. Good news all round then! Frankie looks adorable already…

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  7. Frankie is adorable!!! Love her name too. 😉

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  8. Sounds like a fun day for everyone… I’m glad Otto had a good time meeting his new baby sister, and reuniting with his parents. I hope he’s as enthusiastic about puppies when Frankie gets to come home with you next month.

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  9. So precious!

    Our dogs love car rides. Fifteen hours door to door from AR to PA, and they smile the whole way.

    When we took Casey back to the breeder to get his biological brother (we ended up with Max instead, but that’s another story), she was jealous when she saw him. She thought she’d kept the pick of the litter, but after looking at our boy, she said she’d kept the wrong one. Otto’s so adorable, I bet his breeder is impressed with him, too.

    Best wishes with Frankie. May will be here before you know it!

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  10. AWW puppies! Also Pizza & Beer is perfect. Have a good one!

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  11. I’m checking in a wee bit late on Sunday, but I love that you guys treated Otto with a toy for the car ride. And the puppies? They’re all so cute but Frankie is a star. It’s going to be so much fun having her and Otto together. I expect lots of blogs and photos when she finally comes home!
    P.S….congrats on the rankings you got during the tour. That’s awesome!

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  13. So cute! I’ll bet Otto’s going to love having a little sister. Can’t wait until you bring her home and share lots of pics 😉

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  14. Fabulòus Frankie! What fun 🙂

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  15. Frankie is completely adorable. Sorry, I can’t think of anything original. She’s just so huggable! (Yeah, don’t spread around that I used that word, alright?) Congrats on your rating, too. It was probably (most definitely) #1 while you slept. 🙂

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  16. Way too cute!! I think my heart just exploded!! Congrats on the new addition! 🙂

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