Guest robot: Lisa Burton – An invitation

Lisa the robot girl pays a visit to Daily Echo with some great promotional opportunities. Stop by and say hi.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

How much would you pay to reach a potential audience of say, a hundred thousand readers? And what if, instead, you could do that for FREE, with no strings attached?

Writers need to promote their work… interviews, guest posts, radio shows…they are all excellent ways of getting your work seen and, hopefully read. There are any number of sites willing to make holes in your hard-won and often meagre royalties by offering you advertising space, or nameless (and possibly non-existent) followers and who will charge you to appear on their blog or website. While everyone needs to make a living, and while there is nothing wrong with investing money, as well as your time to promote your work, why pay for what you are being offered for free?

There are very many people offering guest spots to writers. WordPress bloggers will also post their links across many social media platforms…

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7 responses to “Guest robot: Lisa Burton – An invitation

  1. Thanks to you and to Lisa, Craig, for coming on over 😉

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  2. Wow. Exactly what I’m looking for. Hopping over. Thanks, Craig!

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  3. Lots of opportunities! Especially, when we have a new release to promote.

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  4. It was fun reading Lisa’s point of view. I shared the article everywhere. 😉

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