Road Trip!

I have a million things to do today (I always have a million things to do.) We decided to goof off and drive over to Twin Falls. We met my parents there, and went sight seeing. It's about the same distance for them, only we get freeway all the way.

I've talked about the Bonneville Flood on this blog before. It's an ancient event that carved the Snake River Canyon across the western USA. (Pardon the cell phone shadow. I couldn't move the sun.) The attraction today was created by that event. It's called Shoshone Falls.

When you first approach, the humidity is visible, as demonstrated by this rainbow. It wasn't the only rainbow present.

This is the same bit of canyon that Evil Knievel tried to jump and failed. Yeah, yeah, some guy recently did it, but who cares about him. He isn't Evil Knievel.

There is a huge home just above the falls to give it a bit of perspective. These things are huge, and with the runoff from our massive winter, there's a lot of water flowing by.

Oh, and the bulldog ambassador to the world must have made over a hundred new friends today.

I swear, I'm going to buy Old What's Her Face a tee shirt that says, “Pet the bulldog, $2.00.”

So not much work got done today. I need to catch up on blog reading, and may work through my critique, but that's it until tomorrow. Hope all of you had a great day, even if you were goofing off.

PS: I posted a short video clip of the falls over on my Facebook Page, if you're interested.


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39 responses to “Road Trip!

  1. rhymemeblog

    Awwwe! So sweet! (BTW, beautiful rainbows in your pics)!

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  2. rhymemeblog

    Wait, what is your bully’s name?

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  3. Haha @ Couldn’t move the sun! I hate it when that happens!
    Gorgeous photos, specially Otto 🙂 I’d pay $2 to pet that pup!

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    • You have to get the photo when you’re there. I’m sure you know that from your doors. I can’t believe what an attraction Otto is wherever he goes. It’s a good thing he loves everyone.

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      • It is a good thing 😀 I mean, look at that face!
        I’ve learned we’re supposed to take pictures at the beginning and end of sunlight. Me being a night owl, I usually only see the end. My doors are like your cliffs, I get em when I can. Period! 🙂

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  4. Oh, wow. Those falls are gorgeous!

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  5. Nice photos. Looks like a relaxing day.

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  6. Great pics. Seems to be a relaxing and fun trip. Honestly, I didn’t realize that was a shadow until I read the caption.

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  7. Love the rainbows. Is that actually someone’s home that people live in up there? If so, wow! Imagine living so close to something like that! We sometimes look after dogs when their owners are away, and one of my favourites that we have is this huge, completely white, boxer dog – he looks like a polar bear from behind! He’s the friendliest, loveliest dog, and he always gets lots of attention when we’re out with him too. I always think boxers look very similar to bulldogs in the face. There’s something about dogs that have those big soppy happy faces isn’t there, and how cuddly they look 🙂

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  8. Wow those are amazing looking falls!

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  9. I think that’s a bit unfair on OWHF, surely people will pay more than $2 to pet her … wait … that’s not what you meant was it. 😉

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  10. Beautiful! Otto’s a great pin-up pooch – he should definitely get modelling royalties! 😉

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  11. Otto is getting well socialized. I;m working on CEUs this weekend. Trade places with you? I’d be scared to live in the house despite the view.

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  12. Wow. Majestic place. Love the rainbows and Otto looks as adorable as ever. It’s no wonder he made so many friends.

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  13. I remember watching that jump when Evil Knievel tried to do it all those decades ago.

    Sometimes we just need to take a break, and it sounds like you had a fun one. I had planned to catch up this weekend with blog posts and working on my WIP. Instead I spent two days shopping and goofing off. The timing is bad but I needed it!

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  14. I’ve considered visiting Idaho to see the falls.

    Unfortunately, my new job gives me little vacation time, and is located far from any useful airport.

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