What Is Scrivener?

PH Solomon is telling us all about Scrivener today. Stop by the Story Empire blog and ask him your questions.

Story Empire

What is Scrivener? It’s a good question. Maybe you’ve heard other writers talk about but you’re not exactly sure what it does or if it’s for you. Very simply, Scrivener is a software product from Literature and Latte designed as a highly flexible writing development tool. It has 3 main parts to help you develop and write a project.

First there is the corkboard which allows you to create the beginnings of your writing project with some folder or documents. Here, you can essentially do some white-boarding and play around with your main ideas and get your basic plot, scenes and chapters in a sensible order.

Next, for those who like it ( and for those who don’t but need to do it lightly) there’s the outliner. You can use this to work on your more detailed ideas for the project. You can do as much or as little outlining as…

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16 responses to “What Is Scrivener?

  1. This is the second time Scrivener has come to my attention. Have you used it, Craig?

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  2. You can be the guinea pig. 🙂 Marlena’s guest author on Beyond the Cover, Cheryl Colwell, mentioned it Staurday and said she uses it.

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  3. Ben

    I use it and it is excellent for novella WIPs and longer. It’s a bit busy for me when I’m writing anything shorter though. For that stuff I use Ulysses, which has been a revelation to me in the last couple of months

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  4. Ali Isaac

    I tried it once ages ago, but I have to say, it wasn’t for me. It’s far too complicated and fiddly for me. All I want is software I can create a manuscript in, and Word does that just fine. I’d never use all the other gimmicks and gizmos. Also, I’ve heard it can be a pain uploading to Amazon, that you have to go via a 3rd party, but I’m not sure on that.

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    • That’s good to know too. There are several comments today about massaging it to get what you want.


    • carmens007

      Oh, great I read your comment! I will not waste my time with , as you say, a gimmick. Perhaps I’m a bit conservative, but Word is just fine with me. Even yWriter seems complicated

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      • Ali Isaac

        Yes I wasn’t keen on yWriter either. I just dont need all that stuff. I think Scrivenor is like Marmite… you either love it or hate it! 😁 And lots of people really do love it and wouldn’t use anything else. I think it probably suits people who are really into planning and organising. I just like to sit down and write. 😊

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  5. I’m like Ali, in that I’ve tried it and found it too fiddly. I tend to write stream of consciousness most of the time anyway, so don’t really need folders of notes to refer to (plus I’d forget that I needed to!) However, I know other people who’ve used it and swear by it, so it really is a case of trying it to see if it works for you 😊
    Hope you’re well x

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  6. Need to bookmark that puppy.

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  7. Thanks for the info, but I can tell immediately it is not for me. One of my fellow authors swears by it, but since I am digitally impaired, I would spend a lot of precious writing time figuring out how to use it. Plus I’m a pantser.

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