Partial project day

Today was dedicated to finishing tasks. Some were started, some weren't, and I didn't get all the way through the list.

I need five posts for a promo I'm going to be doing. I still have two left to write, and those that exist need a little something too. Watch this space, and you may find some great deals on my books in the next couple of weeks. I blog about bulldogs, and movies, writing, and all kinds of things, but occasionally I need to mention that I have books to sell. “Hey, I have books to sell.”

The good news is that I don't return to the paycheck job until Tuesday. I have one more day to work on them.

I intended to do some reading today, but failed completely. We went to one of our favorite places last night, then I stayed up late playing video games with my son. Somehow, I forgot to plug in my iPad. No juice = no reading. I used what little juice remained to pay bills today, so I can scratch that off the list.

I dedicated my analog time to working on a critique. My crit group is on life support after several years. We're down to two members remaining, but we're meeting next week anyway. Part of the discussion will be about how to get new members. I don't know too many writers in the Boise area, but I'd really like to keep this going. I get different values from critique and beta readers. I want both.

While recharging, I found a movie. I said yesterday that Skull Island left me a little flat. Today, on cable, I watched Bridge of Spies, with Tom Hanks. This movie gave me more than I expected, and I would watch it again. I knew the story, but seeing it dramatized was well worth it. Great movie.

Tomorrow, I have to get my truck sniff tested. It's an absurd local regulation, but I have to do it. I may check my meds and try getting them refilled while I'm out. I need to write two more promo posts, and I'm going to read come hell or high water.

Next weekend brings the return of company, so no writing. I'm at a point in Yak Guy where I need to decide how much wandering around in the wilderness is acceptable. Too much will bore readers. I could work this toward the end, but it might wind up being a 70K word novel. In this modern era, maybe that is preferable. It's definitely preferable to boring readers with too much star gazing.

Talk to me here. Did you get a different vibe from Skull Island? Have you seen Bridge of Spies? Do you know any Boise area fiction authors who would like to join a critique group? Are you interested in some great book deals in the first week of April? How do you feel about novels on the short side of word count? How in the heck do you guys find time for your reading?


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24 responses to “Partial project day

  1. I can’t answer your questions about movies, because I haven’t seen the ones you mentioned. As for reading? I’m lucky if I sleep 2 hours a night. When insomnia inevitably strikes, I grab my Kindle. Not that I advocate that as a solid strategy. I’d rather be sleeping!

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  2. Reading is how I wind down each night, an hour to an hour and a half before I go to bed. It’s become a habit for me and I look forward to it. Many years ago I found it difficult to read while working on my own WIPs, but it’s no longer an issue for me.

    There is a critique group in my area that I was involved in for several months but I had to back out because there were too many members and I couldn’t keep up. I would love a group of 3-4, but I’ve since moved my critiquing to a partner online.

    I hope your group can weather the storm. Networking with other writers is key to what we do!

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  3. Don’t know anyone in Boise.Didn’t see either movie. Always interested in book deals, I usually don’t buy books below 90,000 words. I read before bed each night. I find the before bed discipline to work since it is dedicated time.

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  4. Reading time is rare and I’ve been doing manga more than novels. Have you tried posting fliers about the group at the local library and bookstores? That’s where I learned about the local one that I tried a few times. Can’t say anything about the movies since I haven’t seen either. Might be seeing Kong in April if it’s still around. Saw ‘Logan’, which I thought was a great sendoff for Jackman. Him and Stewart brought their acting A games for this. Supporting cast too.

    All I’ve got in April is my book possibly coming out. Be happy to help you promote.

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  5. I loved Bridge of Spies! Skull Island? I’ll probably never watch it. I don’t know a soul in Idaho except for you. Currently, my reading consists of audio books while running (does that even count), whatever classic I am reading to the kids at their bedtime, and professional journals.

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  6. Haven’t seen either of the movies. Reading? It’s catch as catch can. If a book really grabs me, I’ll sacrifice sleep to finish it. I haven’t found one like that yet this year. Still looking. 🙂 Audio books are great for people who commute and sit in traffic.

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  7. I don’t watch much TV or see many movies. Sometimes we’ll get movies or series from Netflix. We don’t even have cable. Fifteen dollar rabbit ears in the attic get us the major channels, plus lots more. I’m terrible about reading. I used to read three or four books a month and now I’m lucky to read one every three months. I’ve tried reading before sleep, but can’t get four or five pages in when my eyes fail me and I’m off to sleep. Like Mae used to be, reading while writing is next to impossible for me. I used to plunge myself deep into tomes, now I’m glad to get a short book.

    I’m in two big writers groups here in Orlando, but I get much better feedback from my few online readers. The others have been supportive in many ways but, as far as critiques, I trust my online people more.

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  8. Didn’t see Skull Island and probably won’t, unless The Mister watches it and I happen to glance up now and again. Didn’t see Bridge of Spies, either, but probably would.
    I don’t mind a short novel. In fact, sometimes I choose them just so I can read a book in a day. Sometimes it gets me into a bind though, where all I’ve got left are the thick, heavy, intense books, and I’m not always in the mood.
    Reading is a Sunday thing for me. I like to have all the things done and truly rest on Sundays. I read all week, but on Sunday, I read most of the day.
    We don’t have the emissions testing here. Thank tacos. Sometimes the expense of fixing that stuff is like, “Maybe I should buy a new vehicle…”

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  9. Haven’t seen Bridge of Spies, but it’s going on my to-watch list. Love Tom Hanks! Sniff test? Please explain.

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