What, shall we talk about?

I've been kind of quiet here lately. We had an awesome guest on Lisa's radio show, and I reblogged some things, but I have been notably absent. The fact is, I'm in kind of a mood. (The image should explain it.)

I had a brutal week at work. Oh wait, that should be spelled BRUTAL!!! With three exclamation points. It's one of those weeks that make you doubt your entire life since birth. Most of my followers are writers, so you might understand the desire to do meaningful work. A younger man might try something more satisfying, like pumping out septic tanks or working at a slaughterhouse. It's harder in your late fifties to jump ship.

I need to accept the rote tasks as my job, do as many of those as possible, and retire. Anything more meaningful tends to make me buy in and give it my all. My all isn't what's needed, or wanted, anymore.

We had a partial date night last night, and went to see Kong Skull Island. To be honest, it left me a little bit flat. I confess it may be my overall mood, so take this with the appropriate grain of salt. Kong was much more of a man in a monkey suit than he's ever been since 1933. He walks upright and occasionally thumps his chest to remind us he's a gorilla.

Skull Island doesn't have any dinosaurs, excepting the skull of one triceratops. There are a bunch of bone headed reptile things that crawl around on two arms, but no legs. Even so, it's an action film, and there is plenty of that.

What got me the most is the complete absence of the romantic element. I don't mean the relationship between the ape and the girl here, but there wasn't any of that either. I mean that Kong is a tragic character. He's supposed to scare you, then break your heart. The furthest this film got is telling us his whole family is dead. I still don't like the whole telling vs showing bit, but if there was ever an example this is it.

As far as writing goes, there isn't going to be any. I'm behind on other projects, and need to dedicate time to them. This includes some prewritten posts for others, and some reading obligations. I made a tiny little dent in that today, but that's it. I got the shtick out for a Lisa Burton Radio, and wrote one post that still needs some work.

The rest of the day was filled in by a repairman, and my grandkids. Between those bookends, my son and I played some more of our video game. That may be the best part of the week. The reading part might be satisfying too, but that can't happen until tomorrow at best.

Tonight, Old What's Her Face and I are going to try another partial date night. Enough partials adds up to a whole one eventually.


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46 responses to “What, shall we talk about?

  1. Hope next week is better. Heard great things about Kong, but also that it isn’t like the original. They ditched the romance and were aiming more for action movie. Part of it is probably because it’s a build up for a King Kong vs Godzilla movie in the future. Honestly, I’m not able to see it until April if it’s still around because I’m using my one movie day to see ‘Logan’ tomorrow. Think my mood is making me want movies that don’t have romance.

    I’ve noticed a lot of people are doing the ‘rote work until the weekend or retirement’ mentality lately. It was how my dad ended his job a few years ago too. Just went through the motions and pushed ahead until he could retire. Guess there’s something to be said for focusing on that finish line.

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  2. Hugs. Hope your weekend is better. I’ve been on disability for some years now so I can’t comment on the job situation but I can sympathize.

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  3. My thoughts on Skull Island are similar to yours. I did like John C. Reilly’s character though. He carried my interest through to the end.

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  4. Stick it out, Craig. I promise you retirement is worth it. THEN, you can devote more of you to writing.

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  5. So sorry to hear that your job has deflated you, Craig. I personally couldn’t wait to retire to be able to do what I want, when I want to do it. Within reason, of course. Hopefully, this mood will soon pass, just be grateful you have so many other, much nicer things in your life…

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  6. I hear you Craig, I get like this every year in February, and I’m surthe job situation doesn’t help. Perhaps it was a hangover from February. Don’t forget your eagle!

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  7. Urgh… hate it when the day job drags you down that far and you feel so low that you don’t ever want to raise your head again. 😦
    Hope your plan for fun things away from work buoy you up again soon! 😀

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  8. Sorry it was a rough one, and I hope things better.

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  9. Wishing you a massive upswing, Craig. Winter seems to be getting the best of all of us. (It actually snowed here in the south. I have blooming flowers with snow on them. Weird.) I suggest enjoying the family time while you can and deal with the rest as best you can.

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  10. Hope all moves into the smile zone soon. I saw this last night but was too bushed to react. I think when you try to write and work there are periods of trade off. Trust in the Porter to pull you through.


  11. Sounds like Skull Island the movie was as disappointing as Skull Island the ride at Universal Studios – such a let down, and had so much potential. Hope you have a better week, Craig!

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  12. I’m a bit out of the loop in that I hadn’t even heard of Skull Island. Sounds like I’m not missing much thought.
    I’m sorry to hear about how the work week went. I think the older we get the harder it is to muddle through and tolerate things we would have shrugged off in our younger days (at least for me). My own job is exploding in new directions so I’m on the flip side in having to learn a host of new skills. Granted, I suggested them and brought the new tasks on myself, but it’s left my mind reeling and cut in on my energy for writing.
    I haven’t wrote a single SE April post yet and that deadline is looming. Maybe we’ll both be more prolific in moving ahead.
    Wishing you a relaxing Sunday (in what remains)!

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    • Maybe age is part of it, I’ll admit that. I just have to pick up the pieces and walk in with a different attitude. I don’t have to walk in until Tuesday. I’ll probably put up a progress post tonight, but it isn’t much.

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      • I’m glad you have a long weekend. Distance helps. My husband was able to retire early with full benefits, but the last few years were rough getting through for him. He took year to enjoy retirement before going back to work part time in a different capacity. The new job is so much better, but I think it makes a huge difference when you choose to work as opposed to having to work. I’m not there yet.

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      • I have about ten years to go. I want to reach Medicaid before I retire. I may not last that long, but it’s the goal.


      • I hear you. I’ve got my retirement goals lined up too. My husband was lucky in that he started work for a state agency early and had 35 years of service by the time he was 55. Unlike me, who has worked for private industry my entire career!

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      • Government has a great retirement plan, but that rule of 90 is a bitch to get to. Age plus years of service.

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      • Yep.He was lucky. In his day it was 8o years.

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  13. I do so wish we had a long weekend. Maybe DST should be a holiday observed on Monday after.
    Partial dates, yes, that sounds good 🙂


    • Partial dates worked out well for this weekend. Don’t think I’d want that every weekend, but it was better than nothing. WordPress not only puts people in spam jail, it doesn’t seem to understand DST. I have to check my scheduled posts this time of year to make sure they don’t go out early.

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