Goofed off all weekend

I posted on Friday about my minuscule word count, and how Otto was demanding attention. I also mentioned the eagle, but have no idea what he's about yet. There are some big goings on at work this week, and maybe he has something to do with that.

My wife and I went to Costco for date night. Okay, we went to dinner, but we chose the restaurant based on its proximity to Costco.

I spent a considerable amount of time playing video games with my son. I got an X-Box for Christmas, and haven't really done anything with it. He and I don't do much together, and we both had a good time.

Do I regret not working on my novel? Not really. I spend mountains of time on writing, and if I goof off for a couple of days – so be it. It will all get finished.

The next small project is invading my dreams now. It's screaming for attention, and that's where I have to be concerned. A bunch of nearly complete projects don't help me at all. I need to finish Yak Guy, and the ending should be fulfilling. I'm looking forward to writing it, but goofed off anyway.

I need to hold off on the small projects until I get through the editing phase of two books. I also need to put some thought into my promotions too.

I spent a big chunk of the morning getting our tax stuff bundled up for the accountant. It's always an eye opener to see how much I spend on self publishing compared to what I make. I'm looking forward to a day when I can break even.

I hope all of you enjoyed a good weekend. I did, and I feel like I deserved it too.



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41 responses to “Goofed off all weekend

  1. Breaking even sounds great. We’ll get there.

    I’m glad you had time with your son. I spent the weekend freezing at tennis matches. Daughter brought home a medal, so I can’t complain. First place, consolation. Winning was nice, spending the time with her was the real win, though.

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  2. Yes, I did some tax stuff too. I am never surprised that I don’t break even. I’m in it for the love. (right). Had a great weekend. Thanks for asking. Goofing off is good. Hope you have a good week.

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  3. This weekend was busy for me, but not the writing sort. I think it’s great you enjoyed yours. We all need that downtime 🙂

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  4. Sounds like you had a lot of fun, which is always a good weekend. What games were you playing?

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  5. I spent the whole dang weekend forcing my kids to finish their dang science fair projects. I like that about as much as I like working on taxes.

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  6. A goof off weekend can be so good for the soul. I’m glad you give yourself permission to have them; I’m still working on it when it comes to me!

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  7. I listened to a little podcast on single task focusing the other day. It’s the only way I get anything done these days. I cordon off the child-free time I have and focus on the tasks in order of importance, focusing on each task until it is complete before I move onto the next one. Sounds simple enough but when you have a creative butterfly mind it’s tricky! Tasks this week, Hugo Video, write a first draft of a mini mystery and rehearse another Hugo story. I’ve sectioned off time to complete each one – now I really must go and do it 🙂

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  8. Sometimes you just need to take some time to goof off.

    Also, if you figure out the secret to earning more than you spend – or at least breaking even – when self-publishing, please let me know.

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  9. Goofing off is good for the soul! 😀 It refreshes passion and vitality and gives you new things to be inspire by and to expand on and grow.
    As for breaking even – it’s something that can’t ever happen, purely in terms of time. Writing is a love affair and mere money doesn’t count because you’d do it anyway? Wouldn’t you? It’s a part of you, and it needs you to do other stuff, like date night, playing with Otto, going to the day job and reading other writers work. Going on vacation and shopping, to the movies and family event – it’s all part of who you are and why you need to write. You don’t have to chaiun yourself to the desk to write – it goes on all the time regardless, so you might as well enjoy it! 😉

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    • I would write and blog anyway. The only deadlines are the ones in my mind. I’m going to ease off after I get these projects out the door. I’m way behind on my reading.

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      • Me too (with the reading). I’m way over my head with planning home renovations just now, but the end of this month sees walls being smashed down and lots of dust, so I’m decamping for 5 days to a ‘writer’s retreat’ about 25 miles away. It looks like the writing I’m was hoping to be doing is actually going to be reading and researching… By the number of typos I’m clocking up today, that may be a very good thing indeed! 😛

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      • Happy retreating, and hope the renovations go quickly.


  10. I kind of goofed off this weekend too. Shopping day on Saturday, though I did get a few pages written on Sunday. No where near where I wanted to be. Sometimes, we need the break from writing to tackle it again re-energized. Those stories will wrap when you’re ready!

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  11. I got our tax stuff together also – dread doing it every year. Sometimes you need the occasional day off, Craig – and I’m a huge fan of the Xbox Lego games – Harry Potter and Avengers in particular.

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  12. Of course you deserved it!!! I worked all weekend. I’m busting my hump now so I can take the summer off. The kids bought land two doors down from us, so we’ll get to spend more time with the grandbabies. I’m sure what few hairs that aren’t gray will drain of color, chasing three kids under the age of 3 y.o. Fun, though!

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  13. Hi Craig! I wouldn’t call going on a date with your wife or spending time with your son, ‘goofing off’. We all need a break from writing sometimes and we all need time with those we love. You did good. Like you said, “It will all get finished.” and you deserve it. 😀 xx

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  14. Hmmm… breaking even as a writer, that would be nice! Making a bit of profit one day would be even nicer. 😊 Btw, you are well entitled to taking a bit of time off. Enjoy it!

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